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White Tea for Weight Loss

Rave Uno Apr 28, 2020
Green tea is famous for its soothing effect on the psyche and for being a healthy alternative to commercial tea. But another Chinese tea variant, white tea, is also becoming famous for its health benefits. Read this story to learn how drinking this type of herbal tea can help you lose weight.
From herbal varieties like green and oolong to the highly popular, commercial milk and sugar type, tea has remained a favorite beverage of the rich and poor alike and is a beverage consumed in almost every continent of the world. A lesser-known variant of the tea family, which is quickly gaining popularity, is white tea.
This tea is prepared from the Camellia sinensis plant, the same plant used in green and black tea. With white tea, younger and softer leaves as well as buds are used in the tea's preparation.
White tea is minimally processed, especially when compared to other teas, so it has a distinct flavor and aroma. Like its extremely popular variant, green tea, white tea is being touted as a healthy herbal tea variety.
In 2009, a team of scientists from the R&D team of Beiersdorf AG in Germany, conducted a study on how the chemical composition of white tea can affect the levels of fat in the human body. They found that white tea is less processed and more natural in occurrence as compared to other teas, hence its components like polyphenols and caffeine, have a more beneficial effect on the human body.
Plus the study showed that the growth of new fat cells was inhibited by the presence of this tea's biological components and even fat cells already present in the body, were encouraged to break down.
While such internal activity is good for losing weight, further research has not been carried out on whether it is really effective and if so, how it will work on everyone. This is just an early result, more extensive research and testing is needed to prove the effectiveness of white tea for weight loss.

Benefits of White Tea for Weight Loss

Based on one study, numerous claims and rumors have sprung up, claiming that drinking white tea can magically zap away your calories and fat. The danger in believing such rumors is that they leave an impression that white tea can work wonders for those trying to lose weight. Claims and rumors aside, is white tea really an aid for those trying to lose weight? Here are some reasons in favor of this argument:

Benefit 1

White tea is a naturally sweet and flavorful beverage. You do not need to add sugar, milk, cream or sweeteners of any kind to enhance its flavor. So by replacing your regular tea with white tea, you have a wholesome natural tea, without the need for sugar. The more sugar you cut out from your diet, the more weight you lose.

Benefit 2

One of the many health benefits of white tea is, it plays a role in aiding weight loss in an individual, albeit in a roundabout way. White tea helps in lowering blood pressure and improving the working condition of your heart.
The heart is responsible for the overall working condition of the body, so a healthier heart means a more effective workout. So you feel like exercising more and more.

Benefit 3

White tea does not contain calories or fat. So it's a calorie and fat-free refreshing beverage. Drink it over a sugary soda or a milkshake or something ridden with sugar, so your thirst is quenched in a weight-smart way.

Benefit 4

White tea is a natural appetite suppressant. You will find yourself automatically cutting down on eating snacks and meals in the middle of the day. The filling and satisfied feeling that is left from a cup of this tea, will curb all sorts of hunger pangs and leave you feeling satiated. And a full stomach means, even at meal time your portions are smaller.

Benefit 5

White tea is an excellent source of polyphenols. These little chemicals improve your body's metabolic rate. So calories will be burnt but thanks to the tea, in a more effective manner. So you can lose calories faster and more efficiently. White tea also helps in reducing cholesterol levels in the body.
In summation, the real deal behind this tea is that you should drink white tea to promote weight loss. As a dietary aid, white tea can help you in your quest to lose weight but it cannot replace exercise and cutting out fat from your diet.
You will need to chart out a suitable but healthy food plan to help shed weight and white tea can occupy a prime role in the beverage section. But do not expect miracles, that by drinking numerous cups of white tea, you can avoid exercising and still lose weight. White tea will aid you in losing weight in a natural and practical manner.