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What is Vitamin E Good For?

Amruta Deshpande Mar 15, 2020
What is vitamin E good for in the body? What are the various health benefits of vitamin E? Read ahead for answers.
Vitamin E is a group of fat soluble compounds that exhibit characteristic antioxidant properties. There are eight different forms in which vitamin E is present, including four tocopherols and four tocotrienols, each having a unique level of potency in the body.
Out of all these different forms of vitamin E, alpha-Tocopherol is most active in the body, as it is one of the most powerful biologically active antioxidants. So, what exactly does vitamin E do? What is vitamin E good for?
If these are the questions lingering in your mind, we are glad that this will be of some help to you. We shall take a closer look at the benefits of vitamin E for our body.

Health Benefits of Vitamin E

Vitamin E occurs naturally in various foods like milk, eggs, green leafy vegetables, nuts, seeds and whole grain foods. The body's daily requirement of vitamin E can also be met by its supplements in the form of tablets, capsules and in the oil form. There are several health benefits of vitamin E.

Benefits for Skin

Is vitamin E good for skin? Well, the answer is, yes! The benefits of vitamin E for skin are fairly large, and this makes it an essential part of most skin care products. Vitamin E has strong antioxidant properties that protect the skin from the harmful effects of free radicals, pollution and drugs.
It strengthens our immune system, which in turn fights against the various skin diseases. Vitamin E also protects the skin from the harmful ultra violet radiation and keeps it looking young and healthful. Let us now see what is vitamin E oil good for.
Topical use of vitamin E oil accelerates the healing process of acne and prevents breakouts. It is also believed to reduce the appearance of stretch marks, acne scars and even age spots. All you need to do is take some vitamin E oil on your palms and gently massage on the areas affected.
Regular use of vitamin E oil aids in healing and helps the scars to fade. Vitamin E reduces the trans-epidermal water loss from the skin. This helps in strengthening the skin surface, thus, preventing dehydration and development of wrinkles, and fine lines. Now, that you know the several benefits of vitamin E oil for skin, let us see how it benefits hair.

Benefits for Hair

We are all aware of the fact that vitamin E is used in many shampoos, conditioners and other hair lotions. So, is vitamin E really good for hair? How does it benefit the hair? The growth and texture of hair largely depends on the health of the scalp. The scalp needs an adequate supply of blood to keep the hair follicles alive, and healthy.
Vitamin E oil is believed to encourage blood circulation to the scalp, thus promoting hair health. Intake of vitamin E boosts our immune system and keeps us away from various infections. It also protects us from the harmful effects of free radicals and thus helps in preventing signs of aging such as graying of hair, balding, or hair loss.
Vitamin E oil proves to be highly beneficial for treating damaged hair. Massage the oil on the scalp regularly to see the effects yourself. You could also apply vitamin E supplements directly to the hair. This helps in speeding the process of healing and strengthens the hair roots.

Benefits for Health

Research conjures that vitamin E is an essential contributor in reducing the risk of cardiac crises. Coronary heart diseases can be averted, if vitamin E supplements are administered religiously. Death rates due to heart disease is also lowered with the regular intake of vitamin E.
Vitamin E is also proven to have antioxidant properties that fights free radicals born within our system, and invited into the body through other sources such as tobacco, smoke, pollution, radiation and food additives.
The formation of blood clots is defended, thereby also facilitating speedy wound healing with the intake of Vitamin E supplements. People suffering from atherosclerosis have also benefited from the regular intake of vitamin E.
This was all about the benefits of vitamin E. Now that you know what vitamin E is good for, make sure to consume adequate amounts of foods containing vitamin E in your daily diet, to preserve and protect a 'healthy you'!