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Types of Essential Nutrients your Body Needs

Healthy living comes from balanced diet, that includes foods of great nutritional value.
Vinita Tahalramani
Over the time, it has been proved that health is what matters. Counting the past pandemics or the current one, human body needs all the essential nutrients for fighting it out.
Vital Vitamins
13 in number, vitamins are essentially antioxidants and supporters of immunity.
Intake of fruits, vegetables and lean protein helps with all the vitamins required for the body.

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Major Minerals
Found less in quantity, but have a major role in optimal health.
Nuts and seeds and leafy greens, cereals, whole grains, legumes and beans are all that you will require for minerals feed.
Fantastic Fats
These are required for minerals and vitamin absorption, and most importantly cell growth. Healthy fats have the potential to be powerful anti-inflammatory.
Fat Myth Buster
Myth: High-fat food intake leads to bad health.
Truth: Intake of healthy fats like unsaturated ones influence good health.
Nuts, fatty fish and vegetable oil are the ones that belong to healthy fat food.
Potential Protein
The trendy nutrient comes into play when required. Omnipresent from hair to skin promotes cell growth and repair.
Eggs, fish, meat, nuts, soy and beans should be in your plate if you want to have protein rich diet.
Complex Carbohydrates
Here comes the fuel for your body. Getting it right is the only thumb rule when it comes to carbohydrates, as complex ones are good for you.
Carbohydrates are found in fruits, vegetables, whole grain products, dairy products and nuts.
Wet Water
A justified carrier of all the rest nutrients, water acts as a lubricant in the body.

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Melons or fruits, vegetables or soups anything that keeps you hydrated except for sugary drinks helps you in consuming this easily available nutrient.
Have that colorful plate of fruits and veggies to make it for the right kind of nutrients for the body.