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Top 5 Potent Ayurvedic Tonics for Weight Gain

Tired of being underweight and skinny? Want to gain some pounds? Here are the top 5 ayurvedic tonics to help you safely put on some healthy weight.
Akshay Kulkarni Mar 22, 2020
Gorging on fast food and consuming inorganic supplements might easily lead to a significant weight gain, but that won't be healthy. Instead, regular consumption of the ever-benefitting ayurvedic medicines is a much safer and healthier way to put on weight.


It is a multi-herbal formulation with Draksha (grapes) as its chief ingredient. Draksharishta helps in building a strong digestive system. It improves appetite, relieves constipation, induces good sleep, and reduces fatigue. All these effects of Draksharishta ultimately affect your body weight regulations, leading to a balanced BMI (Body Mass Index).


Also known as the elixir of life, Chyawanprash is made up of 35 distinct, all-natural ingredients. It is a nutritional powerhouse that potently supports your digestive system. Ghee (clarified butter) and jaggery in Chyawanprash provide healthy fats and complex carbohydrates to engineer a stimulating effect on metabolism, that in turn increases your weight.

Shatavari Kalpa

This tonic is made by boiling a mixture of shatavari root powder, cardamom, water, and sugar. Shatavari Kalpa boosts immunity, eases bowel movements, and also heals gastric sores and digestive disorders. Regular consumption of this tonic leads to a visible improvement in body weight, the healthy way.

Ashwagandhadi Lehyam

As the name indicates, this herbal supplement has Ashwagandha as the primary ingredient. Ashwagandhadi Lehyam has a jam-like consistency and is sweet in taste. It strengthens your immunity and provides nourishment to your body, thus boosting your body weight.


If you suffer from a weak immune system, there is no better tonic than Yashtimadhu to help you out. It directly impacts your immune system by making it strong and paves a way for your body to gain weight, efficiently.