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Get a Healthy Lifestyle With Sugar-free Diet

Madhura Pandit
It is essential to follow the sugar-free diet if you wish to lose weight quickly. Here, more information on the benefits of a diet plan with no sugar, is given.
We all love our desserts, chocolates and caramel custards. We also love candies, cookies and canned fruit juices. But, do we even bother to take a look at the label to check the amount of sugar we consume when we have a glass of canned fruit juice or a slice of dessert?
We often tend to ignore sugar, although it is one of the major sources of calories. There are approximately 4 calories present in 1 gram of sugar. Sugar is a source of energy in the body; however, it is also one of the major contributors in weight gain.
Sugar, that is naturally found in fresh fruit, is safer to consume than the sugar found in processed foods. Sugar is not actually necessary for our body, but, we tend to consume it in a large amount, which leads to obesity. So, if you wish to lose weight, follow the no sugar diet plan.

Sugar-free Food Guide

The aim of following a no sugar diet is to avoid excess intake of sugar, and indirectly, calories. You may not be aware, but, there are several foods that contain 'hidden sugar'. This diet is also recommended for children and adults to get rid of dental cavities and prevent obesity.
Having a no sugar diet is not only about weight loss, but having an imbalance of sugar in the body can lead to several disorders like diabetes, irritability, etc. This can be prevented by reducing the intake of sugar from the diet. Let us take a look at the foods that contain high amounts of sugar and those with no sugar.

Foods to Avoid

● Cakes, cookies, pastries, candies and all other desserts
● Ice cream, jams, jellies, chocolates, honey
● Syrups, milk shakes, canned fruit juices and sauces
● Soft drinks and caffeine containing drinks
● Raisins, dried fruits, artificially sweetened products
● Sugar-cured and sugar-coated products
● Sweet potatoes, potatoes, yams

Foods to Eat

● Whole wheat bread, multi-grain cereals, pasta, biscuits (without sugar), brown rice
● Omelet; meat/veggie/cheese sandwiches
● Salads and soups (fresh homemade, not canned)
● Meat, chicken, fish, lean meat, eggs
● Popcorn, beans, nuts, flaxseed, oatmeal and sugar-free breakfast cereals
● Olive oil, mayonnaise, canola oil
● All fresh fruits and vegetables

No Sugar Diet Plan

Here are some food options for breakfast:
● Oat porridge with almonds and rice syrup.
● Boiled egg, omelet, French toast, poached egg, etc.
● Sandwiches with eggs, cheese, meat, etc.

● Whole wheat bread and biscuits with milk or less amounts of butter.
● Cut fruit or a freshly made fruit juice (without sugar).
Here are some options for meals to be included in a no sugar diet:
Brown rice with vegetables, and pasta without tomato sauce are good options.
● Stir fried rice with vegetables and meat can also be included in this diet.
● Homemade soup and salad is also a good option.
● Baked chicken, or sandwiches with fish, cheese, meats are tasty as well as healthy.

Guidelines to Follow

● Switching to a diet lacking in sugar may be difficult. You should gradually reduce the intake of sugar. You need to break the habit of having sweets after every meal.
● As desserts, you can include fresh fruits as they contain less amounts of sugar as compared to other processed food desserts. However, it is advisable to have limited amount of fruits (1 - 2 slices), if you are on a weight loss diet regime.
● Many people may go for sugar substitutes or artificial sweeteners in desserts and sweets. It may be a good option, but you should be aware of the potential side effects associated with prolonged and regular consumption of artificial sweeteners, especially aspartame and sucralose.
● It is advisable to check the labels of all packaged and canned foodstuffs for sugar content. Also, check the ingredients of foods in restaurants.
● You should avoid buying and storing sweets, chocolates, ice cream. This will help curb your hunger to a great extent.

● If you crave sweets, go for dried fruits, fresh strawberries and nuts, fruit salad, fruit smoothies, etc.
Apart from the aforementioned food options, you can try out different combination using the list of foodstuff that are safe to consume. As there are numerous benefits of this diet plan, it is recommended to people of all age groups.
However, you should consult the doctor before making drastic changes to your diet plan. Lastly, you should note that having an occasional small serving of your favorite dessert is acceptable to keep down the food cravings. Take care!