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Curb Your Cravings with These Sugar-free Dessert Recipes

Buzzle Staff
'Sugar-free desserts', as the name suggests, are meant for people with diabetes, i.e., high blood sugar or those who want to lose weight, as sugar is known to contribute to weight gain. Sugar-free dessert recipes are a great way to devour your favorite desserts while keeping your sugar levels in check.
Reducing sugar is recommended for senior citizens or as well as who have to battle obesity problems. Such people often find it difficult to eat sweets without experiencing any problem. Giving up desserts is definitely not an option when you have something called 'sugar-free desserts' at hand. These desserts use natural or artificial sugar substitutes.

The Types of Sugar-free Products

~ Sugar substitutes are of three types - fruit puree, protein derivative, and sucrose.
~ Fruit puree is a tablet made of fruit concentrates or purees which can be put in one's tea or coffee and stirred to get the sweet taste. It is not as harmful as table sugar, since this is a form of natural sugar stored inside fruits, rather than the raw form like the one found in table sugar.
~ Protein sugar substitutes are made from aspartame, mostly in powdered form. They are 200 times sweeter than table sugar.
~ Sucrose is made from sucralose. 'Sucralose' or 'sucrose' is another name for table sugar, but in this case, it undergoes a multi high-tech process, which definitely makes it 600 times sweeter than the table sugar but without the calories of the table sugar. It is the most popular sugar-free product.
~ Take ¾ cup cocoa in a bowl, add ¾ cup of milk to it, and mix slowly to avoid lumps.
~ Add to it, ¼ tsp cinnamon powder, and heat it on the gas over medium heat, stirring continuously until it comes to a boil.
~ Reduce the flame and let it simmer for another 5 minutes stirring continuously.
~ Stirring continuously is a must for any fondue mixture.
~ Once the mixture is done remove it from the flame and allow it to cool a little.
~ Once cooled, add ½ cup of any sugar substitute and ½ tsp of vanilla essence; then, pour it into a fondue pot and serve.
~ Cream ½ a cup of butter, and then, add 1 tsp cinnamon powder to it.
~ Add 2 cups of self-rising flour slowly to the mixture.
~ Now, add 2 cups of peeled and grated apple, 1 cup peeled and grated carrot, and 1 tsp grated orange peel, along with 2 beaten eggs.
~ Mix everything properly, and finally, add 4 tbsp of orange juice.
~ Mix well again, pour the mixture into a greased oven dish, and bake it in a preheated oven for 1 hour 15 minutes depending on your oven heat at 350 degrees.
~ Garnish with silvered walnuts and raisins.
~ Cream 16 oz of softened cream cheese.
~ Add ½ a cup of silvered pecans, 2 melted and cooled non-sweet chocolate squares, ½ tsp of vanilla essence, and ½ a cup of sugar substitute.
~ Blend the mixture thoroughly and pour it into an oven dish or any other flat dish lined with foil.
~ Refrigerate for 10-12 hours, cut into 1-inch squares, and serve chilled.
~ Drain all the water from 16 oz of deseeded cherries and keep it aside.
~ Whisk together these cherries, 8 oz of non-sweet chocolate cake mix, and 2 tbsp of any sugar substitute in a bowl.
~ Mix thoroughly, and pour the mixture into a well-greased oven-proof cake dish.
~ Bake at 375 degrees for 25 minutes.
~ Chop ½ a cup of raisins and keep aside.
~ Then, take a bowl and add ⅓ cup of cooking oil, 200 grams of any brown sugar substitute, 1 beaten egg, 1 cup of wheat flake cereal, ½ a cup of all-purpose flour, ¼ cup of wheat flour, ½ tsp wheat baking powder, 2 tsp of wheat germ, and the chopped raisins.
~ Mix thoroughly.
~ Mix the baking soda in little water, and add to the mixture in the end.
~ As small bubbles start to form, stir the mixture well, and pour it in small lumps on a greased cookie sheet.
~ Flatten the lumps, and bake in an oven, which has been set at 350 degrees F for 8-12 minutes.
You can make any dessert of your choice by substituting table sugar for any of the sugar substitutes, at home. You might have to do a little trial and error to know which sugar-free product works best for which recipe.