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Calories in a Smoothie

Rahul Thadani Feb 14, 2020
Smoothies are delicious and refreshing, but you have to know all you can about the calories they contain before freely indulging in them. They carry a lot of ingredients which can greatly increase your body's calorie count.
Smoothie bars are opening up all over the place now and it is important from the consumers' point of view to know about the calories before having them. Though they are very refreshing and cooling, especially in the hot summer months or right after a workout, there are a number of ingredients that can undo the hard work you are doing to lose those kilos.
Nutritional values vary from recipe to recipe, and it is necessary to choose a smoothie that is low in calorie counts.
Counters selling smoothies claim that there are many nutritional benefits, but in reality, you need to be very cautious about the ingredients that you purchase. Many of us unknowingly go for recipes that are very high in calories. Moreover, almost all varieties have an option to include a banana in their recipe and this, adds up to the calorie count even further.

Calories in Smoothies

Let's analyze the different ingredients and then see, how each of them affects the calorie count. The banana itself, contains about 120 calories, so tread with caution when you are making a decision about the banana. If you can manage it, waive the banana. The taste will not be all that different without the banana and you'll save yourself a lot of hard work in the gym in the future.
There are many different liquids that can be used. Here they are along with the amount of calories they add.
  • Fruit juice - 140 calories
  • Orange juice - 110 calories
  • Skim milk - 95 calories
  • Soy milk - 100 calories
  • Whole milk - 150 calories
The total will be heavily dependent on what kind of liquid is used as the base, so choose wisely. Now, there are some other ingredients that are added as well. Let's see how many calories per scoop they carry.
  • Ice cream - 150 calories
  • Honey - 60 calories (per spoon)
  • Peanut butter - 100 calories (per spoon)
  • Frozen yogurt - 110 calories (per half cup)
  • Protein powder - 105 calories
  • Sorbet - 160 calories
  • Frozen fruit - 50 calories (per half cup)
As you can see, the total count goes up drastically, the more ingredients you include. Instead of getting tempted by the sight of nice looking smoothies, think of the calories with a level head and make a wise decision. The total amount would range between 200 to 500 calories, so, it is important to choose the right ingredients.


Despite the large amount of calories, there are still some health benefits of these delicious drinks. The popularity of these drinks suggests that there is more to it than meets the eye, as obviously these people do not let the amount of calories deter them from drinking them.
Smoothies are a great source of proteins to the body, and they really revitalize and refresh someone who is tired and exhausted. If we were to count the calories of all the items we consume, we wouldn't be left with many food choices to choose from.
The mix of ingredients ensure that our body receives a lot of nutrients necessary for healthy living and bodybuilding.
Even though one is monitoring the calorie intake there are still a lot of fruits included in the recipe that are good for the system, and even sugar free yogurt and fat free milk is a good addition to these recipes. If you can manage to ensure that all the ingredients are satisfactory, or if you can even make your own, this drink can carry a lot of benefits for you, in spite of the calories it contains.