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Raisins Health Benefits

Mukta Gaikwad Mar 13, 2020
Raisin is a dry fruit that is tempting to all. Made by drying grapes, these tiny treasure trove is abundant with health benefits for all. Here's a comprehensive review of those amazing health benefits that you can derive from making raisins a part of your diet.

Did you know?

It takes 2 to 3 weeks of sun drying for a grape to become a raisin.
Raisins are those tiny black dry fruits, simply irresistible and a favorite amongst everybody. From little kids to grandparents, they are absolutely loved by all. In fact, its taste is such that rarely can someone stop at just eating one.
For once, something that tastes good is healthy as well. Raisins are highly prized, and why won't they be, considering their high nutritional value. It is believed that these dried fruits were so highly prized during the era of ancient Romans, that it was given away as currency to winners of sporting events.
Today, there are large cultivations of raisins in California, Australia, Turkey, Greece, Iran, and Chile. Raisins, for a long time now, have been known for their various medicinal benefits.

Health Benefits of Raisins

1. Constipation

Raisins have been an age-old home remedy. Soaking raisins in a glass of drinking water for 24-48 hrs will bring them back to their original size. If this water is taken early in the morning on an empty stomach, it helps in regular bowel movement. This concoction is given to young children, to help them cope with chronic constipation and other such problems.

2. Weight Gain

There is much hype about the issues, such as obesity and weight gain amongst the younger generation. However, there are many who suffer from being underweight too. Raisins are abundant in fructose and glucose, which act as energy enhancers. Thus, they are a good choice for those who are looking for high levels of energy, without accumulation of cholesterol.
They benefit in absorption of nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and proteins, which helps the consumer in gaining weight.

3. Acidosis

Acidosis is a condition in which the level of acidity in the blood and respiratory tract is abnormally high. Acidosis causes rise of acids of the stomach. It contains large amounts of alkaline compounds in them, which help in neutralizing the rise of acids in the body.
Daily consumption of raisins helps in keeping the levels of acid in check, which is a result of excessive consumption of meat or cereals.

4. Anemia

They are a rich source of iron, which is why it's the best remedy for treating anemia. The vitamin-B complex in raisins helps in blood formation. This enriches the blood and directly helps in treating anemic patients. It has high copper content which promotes the formation of red blood cells.

5. Libido Enhancer

They contain arginine, a semi-essential amino acid. This amino acid helps in increasing the libido and treats problems of erection amongst men. As they are energy enhancers, they directly address the other sexual problems.

6. Eye Care

Raisins contain polyphenolic and phytonutrients, which are similar to antioxidants. These compounds protect the eyes from getting damaged by free radicals. Free radicals can lead to macular degeneration, age-related eye weaknesses, or cataract. Raisins also contain vitamin A, beta-carotene, and alpha-carotene, which are essential for healthy eyes.

7. Oral Care

Dental problems are very common amongst young children, which makes dental health a never-ending issue for parents. The best way to prevent them is with raisins. They contain oleanolic acid, which is a type of phytochemical.
This compound fights tooth decay, cavities, brittle teeth, and gingivitis. They are also rich in calcium, which is responsible for keeping your teeth healthy and strong.

8. Cancer Prevention

Research has found that raisins also contribute to keeping cancer at bay. Raisins are known to be great antioxidants, which especially contain polyphenolic antioxidants. This element is also called catechin, which protects the body against free radicals―agents which are known to cause cancer.

9. Treats Infections

Polyphenolic phytonutrients, present in raisins, are natural chemicals known to prevent infections and keep the body functioning properly. These polyphenols help in lowering body temperature, if you have fever, and fighting the existing bacteria which causes the infection.

10. Enhances Bone Health

Rich in calcium, raisins are important in your diet to keep the bones and teeth strong. Raisins contain a micronutrient called boron, which assists in calcium absorption and bone formation. Women who have raisins regularly after menopause can prevent occurrence of osteoporosis.
With such amazing health benefits, raisins are great substitutes for other sweets which add to fats in your body. These little dry fruits are good for cardiac health, prevention of colon cancer, bile excretion from the body and prevention of growth of cancerous cells. Having a few raisins is not only healthy, but also a preventive measure to many illnesses.