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Natural Diuretic Foods

Dhanya Joy Mar 16, 2020
Foods that help release body fluids are known as natural diuretics. A diuretic diet is advised for those suffering from edema, heart diseases, high blood pressure and kidney or liver disorders. For more information on natural diuretic foods, read on.
Water retention in the body is harmful. It occurs in people suffering from heart ailments, kidney and liver related ailments, PMS symptoms, high blood pressure, sciatica. It may also occur due to the lack of B-vitamins, amino acids, proteins or high sugar and salt content. The condition caused due to water retention in the body tissues is known as edema.
Diuretics are substances flush out the excessive water from the body through urination. They are available in the form of synthetic diuretics and natural diuretics. Synthetic diuretics are medications available over-the-counter with the prescription of a medical expert. Many precautions have to be taken as they are accompanied by a lot of side-effects.
A natural diuretic on the other hand, is a safer option as it can be obtained from natural foods and herbs, and is free from any kind of side effects. The following are some natural foods and herbs that exhibit diuretic qualities and promote the process of diuresis.

List of Natural Diuretic Foods

Asparagus contains a chemical alkaloid called asparagine that promotes effective removal of wastes from the body by improving the functioning of the kidney.
Apple Cider Vinegar maintains optimum levels of potassium in the body in addition to exhibiting natural diuretic properties.
Tomatoes are a very rich source of vitamin C that helps release excessive body fluids and improves metabolism.
Garlic contains mustard oils that have cleansing properties. They break down and flush out fats.
Cranberry Juice helps maintain the pH level of the urine, dilutes the urine and aids in increasing the frequency of urination. It's also helpful in improving and maintaining proper kidney function.
Brussels Sprouts helps in the cleansing of the body tissues and cells by stimulating the kidneys and pancreas.
Oats contains Silica, which is a natural diuretic substance.
Dandelion Leaves are high in potassium and mineral contents that aid the process of diuresis. It also helps in potassium retention.
Green Tea is being used in China as a natural diuretic, since centuries.
Juniper Berries contain volatile oils and terpinen-4-ol which enhance the kidney's glomerular filtration which helps flush out excessive fluids from the body.
Parsley stimulates urination by flushing out toxins from the kidneys.
Both the seed and the plant of Celery contain high levels of potassium and sodium that together stimulate urine production.
Lettuce helps flush out toxins and increases metabolism rate.
Melon contains high levels of water, potassium and sodium that help eliminate toxins and stimulates urine production.
Gingko seeds are used to treat many urinary problems. Apart from this they are also used to treat other disorders like coughs, digestion problems, scabies and skin sores.
An infusion of carrot seeds with boiling water is used as a diuretic. They also have other health benefits like good eye health, skin health and improved immunity.
Coffee is considered to be a good laxative and diuretic. Both decaffeinated and caffeinated coffee seem to be effective.
Watercress is popular for weight loss benefits, because of its diuretic action it helps to get rid of excess fluids from the body.
Having a glass of beetroot juice daily works as a good diuretic. It helps to get rid of salt and water out of the body.

Natural Diuretic Diet

A natural diuretic diet can be followed as a diet for weight loss or a detoxification diet. They also help reduce PMS symptoms like bloating and headaches. For these purposes, carbohydrates, foods high in sugar and salt content, junk foods, soft drinks, etc. need to be completely eliminated from one's diet. Drinking plenty of water is also very essential.
Although these foods can help detoxify and provide relief from edema, they should be consumed only for a few days, as some natural diuretics can also flush out the essential minerals and nutrients. It is advisable to consume them under the advise of a medical expert.