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Low Carb High Protein Breakfast Ideas

Divya Bichu Mar 16, 2020
Kick start your day with some healthy breakfast ideas. Find here all about low carb high protein breakfast ideas, that supply you with array of nutrients that keeps your body working at its optimal level throughout the day.
You wake up in the morning, see the clock. You realize that you are super late for work. So, you run through the shower, get dressed and rush out of the house without even having your breakfast. Finally you manage to reach the office on time and realize your stomach is growling.
So, you order for a cheese sandwich or pastry or a burger and pacify your growling stomach. Moreover, you feel thirsty during this time and gulp down plenty of water.
Wow! How bluntly do we abuse our digestive system? Unfortunately, this does not add to the nutritional value, rather is an unhealthy way of eating. It is really sad that we either do not have time for breakfast and skip it or sometimes, we have the time for breakfast, but fail to binge on right foods.
It is important to adapt to healthy breakfast options, as nothing can get better than starting your day with a 'good morning meal'. When you start your day on an empty stomach, you are hungry and grumpy, therefore you cannot concentrate on your work. And by the time you are involved in your work, your sugar levels have fallen to dangerously low levels.
Then problems like dizziness, headache, acidity and so on are sure to arise. So, what are these healthy options to start your day with? Look for low carb high protein breakfast, they are healthy, low on calories and supply you with all the nutrients needed by your body.

Simple Low Carb High Protein Breakfast Ideas

Scrambled Eggs with Low Carb Bread Slices

Eggs are naturally high protein low carb foods. So, what better than scrambled eggs and low carb bread toasts to start your day. You can also try variations in this breakfast idea.
Try egg omelets, which can have smoked salmon, herbs, tomatoes, cheese and mushrooms to boost nutritional value. It would be great if you team this breakfast idea with a healthy fresh fruit juice or a glass of warm milk.

Cottage Cheese Pancakes

Cottage cheese is the storehouse of proteins. Usually the regular pancakes consist of high carbs and high calorie content. You can simply change some ingredients and try new variations of making pancakes.
Cottage cheese pancake is one such low carb high protein breakfast option. Top these pancakes with fresh berries or honey to make it taste yummier. Berries are natural antioxidants and add up to the nutritional value of this breakfast idea.

Bacon Egg Sandwich

Bacon and egg sandwich sure is an ultimate one; zero carbs, high proteins, delicious and keeps you satisfied for hours. It's called the complete breakfast, it not only provides you with complete nutrition but also facilitates the body's metabolism to burn calories.
Half fried egg and roasted bacon sandwiched between low carb bread slices, tastes just as awesome as it sounds. Grated cheese, tomatoes or herbs would add to the flavor.

Fresh Fruit Salad Topped with Yogurt

Fresh fruits are a great and healthy option for any time of the day. But, nothing like binging on these fruits on an empty stomach, as it helps in the quick and easy absorption of nutrients present in the fruits.
Yogurt is the only food that works wonders for our body when combined with fruits. Yogurt is high on proteins and low on carbs, therefore it is the fantastic way to kick start your day with fresh fruit salad mixed with yogurt (flavored or plain is your choice).

Low Carb Bread Toast and Almond Butter

Bread toast with a spread of almond butter is a healthy low carb high protein vegetarian breakfast idea. Almond butter is way healthier and rich in protein content than peanut or regular butter.
You can team this bread toast with a protein shake (flavor of your choice) or make your own protein smoothie; blend low fat milk or yogurt with a few berries and add some dry fruits if you like and enjoy the wholesome breakfast.
So, here you have plenty of ideas to choose from. Start your day with these healthful options and you are assured of an energetic day ahead!