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Low Acid Coffee

Priya Johnson Feb 14, 2020
Low acid coffee is coffee with 50-60% less acidic content in it. This coffee benefits people with sensitive stomachs and those suffering from gastrointestinal issues. The coffee is prepared by cold brewing...
Scores of people across the globe refrain from drinking coffee, because of the acidity conduced by it. Even though they enjoy the flavor and refreshing touch of coffee, the horrid burning sensation developed after having a cup of it, causes them to avoid the beverage. Research reveals that over '60 million Americans suffer from heartburn at least once a month' and an 'estimated 35 million Americans who have stomach acid problems have had to cut out their morning coffee'.
However, leading coffee makers realized that the heartburn problem was eating away their consumer base. They did not want their customers to walk away just because of this side effect. Thus, they came with the low acid coffee. Before we head into understanding what low acid coffee is, let's quickly have a look at why one experiences heartburn after drinking coffee!

Coffee: Its Acidic Properties

As we all know all fruits contain some or the other acid. Coffee beans are tiny bullets loaded with a combination of different acids like citric acid, palmitic acid, lactic acid, linoleic acid, phosphoric acid, malic acid and acetic acid.
Now we know why our inside burns so much! Actually the acid content in the coffee depends on the elevation of plantation. Coffee plantations on higher levels have higher acidity levels, moreover, coffee plantation grown on rich volcanic soil also have higher levels of acid in them.
The acid level is also determined by the processing method, degree of roasting and brewing method. These acid levels are what causes the stomach and gastrointestinal issues such as acid reflux, indigestion, heartburn and GERD.

Low Acid Coffee

The traditionally brewed coffees comprise elevated levels of acid and caffeine in them. These two factors conduce to all the health issues. Low acid coffee is the solution to the acidity problem caused by coffee.
It is cold brewed and contains 50-60% less acid content as compared to the hot brewed coffee. It also contains 25% less caffeine. If you're worried about its flavor and aroma, relax!
For low acid coffee beans, the coffee beans are roasted specifically (dark roasted) and then made to undergo the natural steam process to reduce the acidity without affecting the flavor.
For low acid coffee beans, the coffee beans are roasted specifically (dark roasted) and then made to undergo the natural steam process to reduce the acidity without affecting the flavor.
In low acid coffee, acids are significantly removed from the coffee, leaving only the good acids intact for flavor and those assisting in digestion. The caffeine content also remain intact. The leading coffee maker, Puroast has come up with low acid coffee which has 50% less acid levels. A survey shows that almost 90% of people drinking this coffee suffered from no side effects whatsoever, after drinking this coffee.

How to Make Low Acid Coffee

You can prepare low acid coffee from whichever coffee brand you like. The trick lies in brewing. It's the method of cold brewing that reduces the acid levels in the coffee by half. To prepare your own coffee, take a cup of coffee grounds in a bowl, add quarter cup water and gently stir the mixture till all the grounds are moist.
Once all the grounds have dampened, add another 1¾ cup of water into the bowl. Do not disturb the contents in the bowl by shaking or mixing. Cover it with a lid and allow the contents to remain still for the next 12 hours. Strain this coffee twice through medium sieve and fine sieve. You can now prepare your hot or iced coffee with this extract.
Low acid coffee beans are mostly available at the same rate companies offer the regular coffee. Enjoy this stomach friendly low acid coffee without having to compromise on the flavor or on your favorite drink. All those of you with sensitive stomachs can sit back and enjoy a cup of your favorite beverage without worrying about your stomach!