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Liquid Diet

Uttara Manohar Mar 17, 2020
A liquid diet is yet another fad diet that has made its way into our homes. Learn about why this diet is important for certain patients.
The importance of nutrition and an appropriate diet is increasingly emphasized today. There exist several types of dietary recommendations, that don't just help in maintaining overall health, but also aid the recovery of certain diseases or ailments. From further information, you will understand what a liquid diet entails as part of its dietary restrictions.

What is it?

When a person is on this diet, he/she is only allowed to have foods in a liquid form. Generally, it includes clear liquids or opaque fluids, that are completely or partially fluid in consistency. In general, a diet of this sort can be classified into two basic categories, which are elaborated as further:
1. Clear liquid diet: It includes transparent or clear liquid foods, such as meat or vegetable broth, bouillon, or clear fruit juices. It provides a lot of transparency, which is required for patients depending on the medical situation.
2. Full liquid diet: It allows liquids that can be transparent or opaque, but essentially have a smooth consistency. It is generally prescribed for people who have chewing problems, or those who are trying to restore their digestive system.

When to go for this diet?

Generally, your doctor might recommend this diet, in case you are about to undergo certain medical tests, surgery, or any other medical procedure that requires your stomach or intestine to be devoid of solid food particles.
The other scenario may be, when you suffer from ailments of the digestive system, like diarrhea or vomiting. In addition to this, if you have trouble swallowing or chewing, the doctor might recommend patients to go on this diet until chewing on solids and swallowing food can be achieved.

Does it Help in Weight Loss?

Although many people try this diet for weight loss, it is not a recommended for those who are overweight or in need to shed a few pounds. Any healthy way of losing weight has to incorporate a perfect balance of nutrition and fitness training, and this diet may fail to provide you with all the essential nutrients, that your body needs on an everyday basis.

Things to Remember

  • While on this meal plan, you can consume juices, milk, ice cream, pudding, strained cream soups, fruit nectar with pulp, soft-cooked cereals like oatmeal, or even wheat.
  • The latter type of this diet will also allow you a wider range of foodstuffs, like vegetables or fruits, which have been thinned and reduced to a liquid like consistency.


  • A liquid diet is extremely useful when your digestive system needs restoration, as liquids are easily digested, and help in quick nutrient absorption.
  • Following this diet is the best way to rest, and even cleanse your digestive system, since clear liquids help to drain out toxins and waste from the body.
A proper liquid diet includes water, clear fruit juices, clear gelatin foodstuff, clear carbonated drinks, or even hard candies and popsicles.
It also allows you the intake of black tea or coffee. In some cases, liquids with certain colors can be specifically prohibited for special medical tests and medical procedures.
Disclaimer: This is for informative purposes only, and should not be used as a replacement for expert medical advice.