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Know the Food You Are Eating

You might be trying to eat more healthy food. But guess what? Some foods you think are healthy actually aren't.
Erin Day Jun 5, 2020
Food can be very misleading as to whether or not it is healthy. Some foods you think are healthy, but actually might not be.
"Just because items are marketed as 'low fat', 'gluten-free', 'plant-based', etc. doesn't mean that they are good for you."
Here are some things that you might be eating frequently that you think are healthy but aren't.
Granola or Trail Mix
Granola and trail mix can be healthy, but a lot of the ones you buy at the store are not. Granola and trail mix are often full of added sugar, sweeteners, butter, and more.
Start making your own granola and trail mix so that you can control what is in it!
Deli meat might make a delicious sandwich, and you might think that it is a healthy option, but that is not the case.
Deli meat is full of fillers and sodium, which are not good for your health. Instead of deli meat, you can choose turkey breast or tuna.
Salad Dressing
We all have a favorite salad dressing, but we should probably try changing it up.
Salad dressings are full of salt, sugar, and other additives. Swap the usual dressing for oil and vinegar.
Veggie Burgers
Veggie burgers are typically an option for people who eat a plant-based diet. While it might sound good, most burgers have lots of oil and butter which means more sodium and fat.
Make your own veggie burgers or look for burgers with no fillers or additives.
Think before you eat!
Foods you think are healthy could actually be full of calories, sugar, fat, or preservatives! So, think before you eat..