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Improving Your Eating Habits to Improve Your Health

Here are a few ways to improve your eating habits so that you can improve your overall health and quality of life.
Mia Morales Nov 04, 2019
Regular exercise is an important part of staying healthy. It helps you to maintain a healthy weight, burn fat, and keep your cardiovascular system in good working order. While exercise is important, what you eat also plays a vital role.
A well-balanced diet filled with healthy foods can help you to reduce your risk for a variety of health-related complications, such as heart disease, diabetes, and more.

Keep a Food Journal

One of the best ways to start changing your eating habits is understand them. Start a food journal. Write down everything you eat throughout the day. Include all meals, snacks, and beverages. Record how much you ate and when. You may want to consider keeping track of how you felt.
Your journal can help you to uncover the unhealthy habits you might not even know you have. This can help to start tailoring your changes.

Make a Meal Plan (and Shopping List)

Start planning your meals for the week before you go grocery shopping. If you are stuck for ideas, you can always get ideas for healthy meals online or from cookbooks. As you plan your week, write your shopping list. This will help to guide you while shopping.
With a list, you are less likely to grab the unhealthier foods you might typically gravitate for. You also avoid waste and can even save money.

Keep Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Available

Getting hungry between meals isn’t unusual. There’s nothing wrong with having a mid-noon snack. The quality of the snack matters. When hungry between meals, most people tend to reach for a bag of chips or box of cookies. They’re quick and easy. Instead, stock up on fresh fruits and vegetables.
Leave apples or bananas on the counter. Cut up carrots, celery, or broccoli and store them in the fridge. These snacks are quick, easy, and full of vitamins and minerals to keep your body healthy.

Try Using Essential Oils

Ignoring cravings can be hard. They can often be strong and won’t leave you alone until you give in. Submitting to cravings can harm progress toward healthier habit goals. Did you know that smelling certain scents (or ingesting certain oils) can help to curb cravings?
You can use Young Living Essential oils in a variety of ways to help you achieve your goals of maintaining healthier eating habits. For instance, smelling oregano, fennel, or lavender reduces cravings. Some scents can improve your mood, which reduces the urge to eat unnecessarily. Ingesting other oils can help to improve your digestion or boost fat burning.

Use Smaller Plates

Many people are conditioned from a young age to eat everything on their plates. This can carry over into adulthood. Many adults, however, use large plates and fill them. This contributes to overeating. Instead of using large dinner plates, choose smaller ones.
Even if you fill it, the amount of food on the plate will be significantly less than the amount on a large plate. When you’re eating, be sure to pay attention to your body. Eat slowly. Stop eating when your body feels full. Don’t force yourself to eat more if you’re no longer hungry.

Don't Forbid Treats

It’s not uncommon to make all treats off-limits when you’re trying to improve eating habits. Doing this, however, can increase cravings. You want what you can’t have. Instead of forbidding treats, limit them. Moderation is essential. Changing eating habits is a process. Go easy on yourself.
Instead of trying to change your habits overnight, instead, start with one or two small changes and work up from there. If you slip up, don’t beat yourself up over it. Instead, acknowledge it, forgive yourself, and move on. Every step you make towards better eating habits is a step toward improved health.