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Importance of Healthy Eating

Netrajit Laishram Mar 13, 2020
A hectic lifestyle has made it difficult to maintain a healthy food habit, making the body vulnerable to health risks. People realize the importance of healthy eating only after suffering from diseases like malnutrition, obesity, etc.
Human body runs on food and a balanced mixture of food enables a smooth running of the body. Importance of eating healthy foods is that it helps in the body growth, improves body functions, and provides protection from sickness.
Everyone, from a child to an adult, needs a healthy eating habit for a better and longer life. Though, most people are aware of the importance of healthy eating habits, only a few tend to follow them.

Why is it Important to Eat Healthy?

The normal growth of the body and its functions are impossible without nutrients. Nutrients from food provides the cells with the fuel to run the body. A human body without proper nutrients is vulnerable to disease causing viruses and bacteria. The energy required for doing body functions, both mental and physical, comes from the fat reserves of the body.
The imbalance caused by a disrupted fat level in the body can either lead to obesity or malnutrition, both of which is dangerous for the body. A human body suffering from obesity or malnutrition has a high chance of developing many diseases such as heart dysfunction, cancer, diabetes, osteoporosis, and many others.
A healthy diet can help the body to remain active for longer periods & allow a healthy living. A healthy and balanced diet helps to maintain the required body weight with increasing general well-being. A healthy diet has a balance of bread, potatoes, cereals, fruits, veggies, milk, meat, fish or milk/meat alternatives, and minimum quantity of fat and sugar.

Tips on Healthy Eating

Here are some wonderful tips that will help in maintaining a healthy food habit and ensure a healthier lifestyle.

⦿ The right amount of calories to maintain a balance between the calorie intake and calorie expenditure. The average recommended daily need of a body is 2,000 calories though it may differ with age, sex, height, weight, and physical activity.
⦿ There should be a wide variety of foods to make the food attractive. The diet should include leafy vegetables, whole grains, pulses, and fruits and others which is not consumed daily.
⦿ The portion of food should be moderate, especially when it comes to high-calorie foods. Eating disorders are mainly caused due to high quantity of calories, particularly in restaurants, fast food outlets, etc., can cause an imbalance in the body.
⦿ The diet should have plenty of fruits, vegetables, grains, and legumes. The variety of foods should include those foods high in complex carbohydrates, fiber, vitamins, and minerals, low in fat and free of cholesterol which can be availed from fresh, local products.
⦿ The body needs a lot of water as it helps the body systems flush the waste out of the body, especially the kidneys and bladder, of waste products and toxins. The body should never be allowed to get dehydrated.
⦿ There should be a limit in foods which are high in sugar, salt, and refined-grain products. Sugar and salt which is added to a vast array of foods, can aid in body weight gain.

⦿ There should be no complete restriction of any foods such as sweets and fried foods. These foods when consumed in moderation can be a part of the overall healthy diet.
⦿ A healthy diet with regular exercises can improve energy and feelings of well-being while reducing the risk of diseases. A regular physical activity with exercise and a healthy, eating plan will work without any doubt.

⦿ Good food habits will take time to establish and it will be much easier by focusing on one food type or one food at a time.

Steps to a Healthy Eating

⦿ While eating make sure that the food is enjoyed by chewing well and savoring every bite slowly.

⦿ Always avoid stress while eating as a stressed body leads to digestion problems, colitis, and heartburn.

⦿ Always concentrate on the body needs by eating the right quantity of food, enough to satisfy the body needs, rather than stuffing yourself.
⦿ Most people are not aware of the importance of eating a healthy breakfast. A heavy breakfast followed by many small healthy snack breaks throughout the day is most recommended. A heavy breakfast enables the body to burn fat much better.
The importance of incorporating healthy eating habits is not just limited to the food that's eaten, it is also about how it is eaten. A healthy eating habit is possible by choosing and eating nourishing and enjoyable foods.