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Iced Coffee Calories

Read on to know the calorie content in an everyday cup of iced coffee according to its ingredients.
Arjun Kulkarni Feb 14, 2020
Iced coffee is a popular summer drink which goes well with anything you eat and even by itself. So, as the summer approaches, you might want to know about the calories it stores.
The calories mainly depend on the ingredients used to make coffee. If you ever go to dedicated coffee houses like Starbucks, you will find a wide variety of iced caffeine kickers for you to choose from.
The calorie content depends on the amount of sugar, whether or not the coffee has cream, whether it contains regular milk or skim milk, and if there is any additional flavoring. Additional flavors in the coffee are often sugar syrup-based, which add more calories.

Calorie Content

Here is the calorie content in a cup of coffee according to its ingredients.

With Skim Milk

As frugal as it can be, a 16 fl.oz. cup of iced coffee and skim milk will give you only 25 calories. This is quite a guilt-free choice considering its low calorie content. The fat content is almost negligible, and the carb content is only 4 g.

With Skim Milk and Sugar

The previous beverage had no hint of sugar. However, if you would rather not go sugar-free, then substitute regular milk with skim milk. However, the calorie content increases by more than just a spoonful. The sugar adds a lot of carbohydrates to your coffee, and therefore, a lot more calories. A 16 fl.oz. cup contains 70 calories and 16 g of carbohydrates.

With Milk

Skim milk just doesn't do for some of us. So much so that people are ready to rid themselves of it, even if it means an intake of a few extra calories in return. So how much is the calorific trade-off between a sugar-free iced coffee with skim milk, and the one with regular milk?
A measly 5 calories! So if you're adamant on your choice of milk, there really isn't much to lose. 5 calories and the extra 1 g of fat seems like a fair price to pay.

With Milk and Sugar

A 16 fl.oz. cup of iced coffee with regular milk and sugar contains 80 calories. The fat content in this one is 1 g, whereas the carb content is 16 g.

With Cream and Sugar

An absolute bonanza this one! Iced coffee with cream and sugar is truly the embodiment of luxurious beverage consumption. It contains 120 calories in a 16 fl.oz. cup, with 6 g of fat, of which, 3.5 g is saturated. Only few can afford to spoil themselves this way!
Remember, the calorie content mainly depends on the ingredients you use. Just use the right ingredients to ensure your drink is low in calories.