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How Vitamins Can Make You Look Better

Lindsey Patterson Nov 26, 2019
If you are looking for natural ways to achieve your beauty dreams, without harsh chemicals or damaging ingredients, there are many vitamins that you can get through a simple application, or even integrating into your diet.


Beautiful, supple skin does not have to be an elusive task. By taking right vitamins and minerals, you can have glowing skin that will make you look younger. Vitamin D, most commonly associated with sunlight exposure, is incredibly good for skin. Fish like salmon and cod have ample Vitamin D in case you can't go into the sun.
Vitamin C is found in many different layers of the skin, and thus, more Vitamin C in your diet leads to better skin health. The most common source of Vitamin C is from citrus fruits, like oranges and lemons, as well as leafy green vegetables like spinach.


One of the most common symptoms of aging is hair loss and the lack of ability to grow new hair. However, there are many vitamins for thinning hair that will help keep it healthy. For example, it is important to get your B complex vitamins, like Vitamin B7, which contain biotin. Biotin helps to boost hair follicles.
Vitamin A plays major role in the production of sebum, which moisturizes scalp and makes sure your hair has a healthy, natural shine. Vitamin C and E, which are rich in antioxidants, are beneficial to stop hair from thinning. Make sure you are getting plenty of fish in your diet for omega 3 fatty acids, which promote hair growth.


If you have had brittle and weak nails, you may be lacking vitamins that are good for strengthening your nails. Vitamin B12, associated with red blood cell production, is common and one of the reasons for weak nails. Vitamin C helps your body produce collagen, the central ingredient in hair, skin, and nails.
An easy way to increase your Vitamin C intake is to simply up your consumption of fruits and vegetables in your diet, most of which contain good amounts of the supplement. Sometimes a supplement in a tablet form may be needed if you are having a hard time absorbing it. You will have strong, beautiful nails in no time.


A healthy mouth is very important, as it is one of the primary places that gathers most bacteria. It can also save you much in the form of dentist bills in the long run. Vitamin A is important, as it contributes to gum health and salivary function. Vitamin B is essential for tongue health.
Most importantly, Vitamin C is essential to keep gums in great shape and prevent the onset of gum disease. Sufficient Vitamin C in your diet also correlates with strong teeth that are less prone to breakage. Vitamin D assists your body in absorbing calcium, which is important for bones and teeth.


Although much factors in eye health are determined on genetics and simply aging, there are vitamins that you can take which will increase eye health or maintain the appearance of youth and vitality. As you get older, studies show that taking a certain combination of vitamins contribute to less vision problems.
Two vitamins that have the most impact are Vitamin A and C, so be sure to get your daily supplement of these. They can be found in most fruits and vegetables, which lead to healthier eating choices overall. Zinc can also assist with eye health.
Keeping your body beautiful and glowing does not have to be difficult. With these tips, you are guaranteed to find natural ways, through vitamins and minerals, to make sure your appearance is as great as you want it to be.