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How to Succeed at Eating a Plant-based Diet

Eating a plant-based diet can mean completely eliminating animal foods from your diet or just limiting them. Here are some tips to successfully do that, especially if you're an avid meat-eater.
Erin Day May 29, 2020
Eating a plant-based diet means either limiting or eliminating consumption of foods with animal ingredients.
Foods you want to increase intake of would include fruits, veggies, tubers, whole grains, legumes, and nuts and seeds.
Reducing meats in your diet means less saturated fat which means lower cholesterol levels and risk of developing type 2 diabetes.
It can also help you lose weight and promote brain health!
Tips You Can Try
Eat veggies with every meal or with some dip as a snack.
Use meat at a garnish rather than as a centerpiece.
Choose healthy fats and whole grains.
Make a meal out of salad.
Eat fruits for dessert, they are sweet too!
Eating a plant-based diet is simply making a shift in eating habits for the better. A balanced diet can immensely improve your health.
Changing the food you eat to be primarily from plants can reduce a lot of unhealthy factors from affecting you.