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How to Make Healthier Treats

Mia Morales Nov 06, 2019
For a lot of people, having a sweet treat after dinner is something they look forward to. There is no reason why you cannot enjoy your dessert and remain healthy! Treating yourself can be a part of a healthy lifestyle. Sometimes, it’s just a matter of how you prepare your dessert. Here are some tips that could make any dessert option more healthy.

Use Healthier Flour Options

Processed white flour strips a lot of nutrients out of the flour. When you choose almond flour or wheat flour, there is little change in the flavor, you may not even notice any difference.
In addition, you can make all of your favorite treats in the same way that you always did. The only difference is that you are eating a flour that has far more benefits.
If you have a gluten allergy or a sensitivity to gluten, you might think about almond flour anyway. It adds protein and doesn’t have the gluten that can harm you. Both flours are reliable and have nutrients.

Switch the Milk Chocolate for Dark Chocolate

When you’re planning on eating healthier, you do not have to forego chocolate! Chocolate is a staple of desserts. Don’t give up on the fudge or mug cake! You can still have chocolatey recipes with one simple exchange. All you have to do is exchange your milk chocolate for dark chocolate.
Dark chocolate has antioxidants, zinc, fiber and iron! If you want to reap some health benefits of chocolate, choose dark chocolate. In fact, for maximum benefit, you should choose dark chocolate with 70% cocoa.

Choose Evaporated Skim Milk

If you plan to use high-fat heavy cream, you might think about different options. Evaporated skim milk has the same consistency as heavy cream but less calories and fat. Many people rely on heavy cream when making pastries and scones. You can easily substitute it, however.
In fact, you use same amount of evaporated milk as heavy cream. When you are choosing healthier desserts, you do not have to give up dessert entirely. Instead, you can find healthier ingredients that have more nutrition and less calories.

Choose Applesauce Over Oil

You may have heard of this baking trick! It is becoming more and more popular. Did you know that you can replace your high fat oils with unsweetened applesauce?
Applesauce can add moisture and flavor your dessert needs without empty calories. This is great for cakes, breads and muffins. Now, you do have to adjust the recipe a little. For every cup of oil you would use, you can use ¾ cup of applesauce.
When it comes to dessert options, if you have the opportunity to make your own treats, you can choose healthier alternatives. The best part of these ingredients is they do not change the flavor or texture of the food. It is the same, but with less calories and more nutrients.