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How to Keep Yourself Hydrated

This story explores the various different sources and things you can consume to help not only hydrate yourself but leave you feeling nourished.
Precious Lark Aug 30, 2019
I decided to write a story with helpful tips to keep you cool and hydrated without relying so much on water, because let's be honest the more water (although fundamental) the more trips to the toilet. This can be rather problem-some when there isn't a toilet around.


Strawberries are a common choice but have you ever thought of watermelons. Why not have peaches, oranges, grapes, pineapple, apples or cantaloupe:- they are all rich in water. But don't have too much else it may cause bloating and discomfort.
You can have them as snacks throughout the day, especially on hot days or when your appetite is not great.

Vegetables and Salad

It may be an obvious choice but lettuce contains around 92-96% water, that's why when you only eat a salad, the calories are really low. Other ideas would be celery, courgette, cucumber, tomatoes, spinach, kale, broccoli or carrots.


Water, water and more water, of course! But if you are someone who is not a fan of water much, you can hydrate yourself with soy or skim milk.
Another option would be high performance shakes that concentrate on hydration; for example Bulk Powder do Complete Hydration Drink, not only does it hydrate you but also helps nourish your body.
Beware that when you are dehydrated it will affect your electrolytes. If your electrolytes are too low, it can cause issues with the rhythm of your heart, have muscle weakness, spasms, cramps and respiratory problems. To tackle this try to eat produce like bananas, watermelon or avocado. You can also have coconut water, milk, tea, coffee and Lucozade.
Water although fundamental is not the only source available to hydrate yourself, it is just as important to eat and drink other produce to raise not only your hydration levels but nutrients too. Lastly, I hope this story helped and you enjoy the bliss the sun gives.