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How to Cook Quinoa

Sheetal Mandora Mar 7, 2020
Light and fluffy in texture, quinoa is a healthy, fast-cooking option for lunch. Read the story for 2 distinct ways to cook quinoa.
Quinoa, pronounced as "keen-wah", is a good source of protein for all who are vegans and vegetarians. According to the United Nations Food and Agricultural Organization, quinoa is packed with nutrients and has 9 different amino acids, which makes it a wholesome vegetable protein.
It also has vitamin B and E, potassium, riboflavin, zinc, copper, folic acid, and magnesium. If you have to follow a wheat-free and gluten-free diet, it is to the rescue because it doesn't contain any gluten.
You can substitute it with any other grain in your meals. It has a smoky, nutty flavor and apparently doesn't make you feel "too full" after consuming it.

Cooking Quinoa in a ...

The seeds are covered in bitter tasting saponins that protect it from being eaten by insects and birds. But you don't have to worry about getting any of that bitter taste in your foods, because when you buy the seeds from your choice of brand, the saponins are already removed.


  • Low-sodium chicken stock, 2¾ cups
  • Quinoa, 1½ cups
  • Lemon juice, ¼ cup
  • Parsley leaves, chopped, ¼ cup
  • Basil leaves, chopped, ¾ cup
  • Thyme leaves, chopped, 1 tablespoon
  • Lemon zest, 2 teaspoon
  • Salt and black pepper, for taste
Take a microwave bowl, and add the quinoa and chicken stock in it. Cook on high speed for about 5 minutes till the quinoa is cooked. Take a small bowl, combine olive oil, parsley, thyme, basil, lemon juice, and lemon zest. Whisk it properly, and add salt and pepper according to your taste.
Once the quinoa is cooked, drain it and take it out in a serving bowl. Pour the dressing on it and mix all the ingredients to evenly coat the quinoa. Season with salt and black pepper, if you wish to, right before you serve.

Rice Cooker

  • Organic quinoa, 2 cups
  • Organic corn, 1 can
  • Black olives, sliced, 1 can
  • Green onions, chopped, 2 bunches
  • Chives, chopped, 2 bunches
  • Olive oil
  • White balsamic vinegar
  • Red chili powder
  • Salt and black pepper, for taste
We need to wash quinoa properly. Submerge it in a bowl with water and then drain it at least 3 times. Take the rice maker and add the quinoa with water. The water level should be at least one and half times the amount of quinoa. So if you are using 1 cup of quinoa, add one and half cups of water in the rice maker.
Turn it on and wait for around 20 minutes for the quinoa to cook. Once it is ready, turn the rice maker off, and keep a towel on it and under the lid to make it fluffier. Leave it so for 5 minutes. Take a salad bowl and add the quinoa, rinsed corn, olives, green onions, and chives.
In a separate bowl, whisk in olive oil, salt, pepper, red chili powder, and white balsamic vinegar (the quantities will vary as per your taste). Mix the dressing with the quinoa in the bowl; serve immediately.
There might be times when your quinoa might become too crunchy or chewy. To prevent that from happening and ruining your dinner plans, you need to increase the ratio of water or stock to quinoa. Always start by adding ¼ cup of water or stock to it, and add accordingly. For the quinoa to turn out fluffy, use a fork to do so.