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Delicious High-Protein Snacks

Deepa Kartha Mar 17, 2020
A good alternative to foods rich in fats and carbohydrates would be snacks that are densely packed with proteins. Protein-rich foods fuel you for the long haul, and the ones mentioned here, surely are ideal choices to 'ful(l)fill' your appetite!

Of(f) Chips and Chews! ...

The best-selling snack in the U.S. is potato chips. The first runner-up: Cheese Puffs! Evidence: More than 70% of us grab a snack on an impulse. Don't believe me? ... Just dig up your desk drawer at work, and bingo! You will know what we mean. ...
People on a diet to lose weight, often make a mistake by concentrating only on three statutory meals through the day. Majority think that eating healthy foods for breakfast, lunch, and dinner is enough to stay fit and fortified. Due to this, many ignore the foods that may be snacked on.
In actual, people do not realize that the risk of eating junk foods is higher in between meals, as most of us do not keep anything handy to munch on, thus are likely to grab a bar of chocolate or a few cookies to satiate the vacuum attack. Therefore, it is best you stick to snacks that are healthy and nutritious.
We take a look at some of them that deliver a good dose of protein. Nevertheless, before we get into the details, it is vital to understand why proteins go beyond being deemed the so-called "building blocks."

Benefits of Proteins

Among the various functions that protein plays in keeping us fit and healthy, the most important one is tissue formation. Besides this, proteins help in strengthening the immune system. It also helps in developing strong muscles, joints, and bones.
As proteins promote muscle growth, it aids in weight loss and its subsequent management. Another advantage of consuming proteins is peaking satiety early through the meal course, thus curbing the binge eater in you.

Protein-rich Snacks

The average amount of protein that a person is expected to consume every day is one gram per 2.2 pounds of body weight. As it is not possible to fulfill this requirement just with regular meals, it is necessary to complete this need with the help of foods that contain high amounts of protein.

Cottage Cheese and Fruits

A nourishing snack all by itself -- cottage cheese is one fantastic source of protein, and when it comes to snacking, half a cup of cottage cheese, satiates you. With accompaniments such as fresh fruits, dry fruits and a drizzle of honey, the combination is heavenly.
A cup of cottage cheese is made of 28 grams of protein and is the best snack that you can have between meals. Choose a low-fat or fat-free cottage cheese as a snack. Bottom line: A snack that saves your tummy from borborygmus!

Protein Bars and Shakes

If you are looking for a protein snack that you can get hold of without wasting time, protein bars are a good idea. A variety of protein bars throng the market.
However, before you choose one as a snack, it is important to check, whether it contains high amounts of carbohydrates and fats. Such bars must be avoided, and one ought to opt for those containing higher levels of protein.
Other than protein bars, people are also opting for protein shakes as a snack that they can have between meals. However, just as protein bars, protein shakes, too, may contain higher levels of carbohydrates and fats.


Snack attack? Well, you need not suffer longer. Just grab some almonds and you are ready to go. Cashews and walnuts, too, are great energy boosters besides serving as salutary 'fillers'. Nuts is power-packed protein.
However, if the calorie intake worries you, consume just about a handful. Know that nuts contain fat, although the fat is healthy fat, rather monounsaturated fat, which keeps your heart pumping efficiently.
Being high on fiber is another feature of nuts, and fiber is known to keep you feeling full for long. Several records of studies spell that munching on almonds every day helps you manage weight and keeps your LDL cholesterol under check.

Baked Beans

The popular snack that has your juices go wild -- baked beans on toast. Ample protein is what you derive from this extremely healthful chew. Moreover, it promises satiety for a good stretch.
Rich in iron and fiber content, baked beans are known to facilitate digestion. Besides, it also contains folic acid that is essential during pregnancy.
Manganese -- a vital component in maintaining bone density, strong libido, and high metabolic rate -- protects the arteries from plaque buildup, resulting in high levels of cholesterol as well. However, while you savor a scrumptious bean bite, know how much is too much. Don't go overboard, or ready yourself for a lavatorial experience!

Chocolate Milk

Well, this one is an old-and-faithful favorite for one and all. Low-fat milk topped with chocolaty powder for that perfect refreshment serves more than the purpose. It is a proven post-workout drink.
Besides, it is super easy to make and super satiating, too. Indeed, chocolate milk is one delicious option that you ought to choose, when the kitchen shelves 'look' hungry!

Egg Whites

Having egg whites as a quick snack is one protean option, when it comes to protein-rich foods. The best thing about egg white is that it is low in cholesterol as well as fat and hence, considered to be healthy.
If you are bored of eating plain egg whites, you can spice it up with an egg white omelet containing minced onion, peppers, and lean meat.


Oatmeal packs in health and energy in every morsel. It keeps your heart healthy, reducing cholesterol, and helping you manage your weight. Oatmeal cooked in milk makes for a wholesome snack. Small wonder, oatmeal ticks with those, who meditate fitness.

Pumpkin Seeds

Are you wincing at this snack with distaste? If you are, think again. It contains essential fiber, minerals, and vitamins that pack the required protein punch.
However, ensure that you don't overdo it, as pumpkin seeds are high on calories. So, snack on them for good, but know that there is something called 'consumption in moderation'.


Another option for a quick and healthy snack that has high amounts of protein is lentils. According to experts, a cup of lentils contains 18 grams of proteins and hence, is a must for people, who are on a protein-rich diet.
You can either consume lentils ditching the accompaniments, or hitching on to diced vegetables, soups, and salads.


This is one mouth-watering snack your menu ought to hold, especially for those tummy-trigger occasions. Slice it, or cube it; do all you want with tofu to gobble it. For one, it is healthy, and two, you won't feel guilty about snacking on it!
Know that these high-protein snacks serve the perfect bet to satiate those brunch blues, and put those huffs and puffs at rest post a grilling workout. They work well for those, too, who simply love cozying up on their couch!