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High Protein Diet Plan for Weight Loss

Shashank Nakate Mar 1, 2020
Use of a high protein diet plan is seriously considered by many as a better solution than any other for losing weight. The diet plan with high protein content would help in losing weight.
A high protein diet plan is considered as the best option to lose weight. Proteins are generally recommended in diet plans for bodybuilding. This nutrient is also used for weight loss. The high protein foods given here will give you a better idea as to which foods one can include in the diet.

High Protein Diet for Weight Loss

The main advantage or benefit of consuming high protein diets is that energy is slowly burned and sugar levels in blood stabilized. Slow burning of energy helps reduce the probability of a person resorting to binge eating. The process of conversion of proteins into glucose is known as gluconeogenesis.
The amount of calories burned in the process of gluconeogenesis too is high. Excess water stored in carbohydrates is lost when a person consumes a high amount of proteins. According to scientists, the intake of proteins and reduction in fat consumption can help in losing weight due to the brain activity.
The explanation presented by scientists is that proteins cause reduction in the flow of appetite-stimulating hormones towards the brain. It is therefore, one of the important reasons why a protein based diet works for those who want to reduce their weight.

High Protein Diet Plan for Weight Loss

The diet plan for high protein intake should eliminate foods that contain high amounts of sugar. Also the high-carb foods shouldn't be included in the regular diet.
The pastas, potato recipes, sugars (granulated white, powdered white, brown sugar, etc.) and cereals should not be consumed. Continue the intake of low-carb foods in moderate amounts. Include dairy products, beans, nuts, etc. in your daily diet for weight loss.
Milk is considered a complete food as it provides almost all the different types of nutrients. The different dairy products that one can include in the diet are yogurt, cottage cheese, hard cheese (Parmesan), medium cheese (Swiss, Cheddar), soft cheese (Brie, Mozzarella, Camembert), etc.
There are a variety of beans which can be eaten as high protein foods. These include the split beans, soy beans and different kinds of beans like lentils, pinto and black beans, etc. One can also make use of 'tofu' as a high protein diet.
Nuts and seeds with a high protein content include almonds, cashews, peanuts, pumpkin seeds, pecans, flax seeds and sunflower seeds. Thus, vegetarians too can include proteins in their diet without having to resort to a meat-based diet.
Fibrous foods must be included in the diet along with proteinaceous foods. Fibers act as fillers and the person on a high protein diet doesn't feel hungry.
There is a misconception that intake of high protein diet increases the risk of renal failure. However, it has been observed that such problems crop up only if a person is already suffering from kidney diseases. Another concern is that it aggravates the problem of hepatic encephalopathy. The evidences pertaining to such problems are till date, unfounded.

High Protein Diet Plan Tips

A high protein diet though acts as an important factor in weight loss, it can be effective only if coupled with regular exercise. The body needs proteins for building muscles. Thus, a high protein diet can be put to good use, i.e. for losing weight and in building muscles simultaneously.
It is true that kidney problems do not arise suddenly with increase in protein intake; however, one shouldn't forget that excess protein consumption can overwork the kidneys. Therefore, bodybuilders are advised not to include proteins in excess of 20% in their diet plan.
If a person doesn't exercise regularly, the high protein intake won't serve him/her properly. This is because unused proteins are converted into energy and subsequently stored in the form of fats. Thus, intake of proteins in high amounts would instead lead to weight gain as opposed to weight loss.
A high protein diet plan certainly helps in reducing the body weight to a great extent. One should therefore, plan his/her diet in a proper manner for losing weight.