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High Fiber Fruits

Parashar Joshi Mar 12, 2020
Fiber is an important part of our daily diet. There are certain fruits and vegetables that are natural sources of fiber. Here, we shall take a look at the fruits that are rich in fiber.

More Fiber Less Weight...

High fiber diet aids weight loss because it tends to make a meal feel larger causing one to stay full for greater amount of time. What comes to mind when we think of the words 'balanced diet'? Proteins, vitamins, carbohydrates, minerals, salts, even fat. What about fiber?
Most people are not even aware about what fiber is, let alone incorporating it in their diet. If you too are still in the dark about fiber, do not worry. Here is a list of some fruits along with their fiber content in grams per fruit -
1 Medium Pear: 5.5 grams
1 Medium Apple: 4.4 grams
1 Cup of strawberries: 3.3 grams
1 Medium Orange: 4 grams
1 Medium Guava (without refuse): 3 grams
½ Medium Grapefruit: 3.1 grams
1 Medium Fig: 1.4 grams
½ Cup dried Fig: 8 grams
1 Medium Banana: 3.1 grams

1 Cup of Raspberries:
6 grams

100 gms Kiwi:
3 grams

1 Medium Avocado (no skin and seed):
9.2 grams

1 Cup of Blueberries: 4 grams

High Fiber Fruits for Constipation Treatment

Fiber is best known for its ability to prevent constipation. Some fruits rich in fiber are especially useful for treating irregular bowel movement and curing constipation.
These are as follows:
► Avocados
► Bananas
► Berries
► Peaches
► Plums
► Melons
► Apples
► Pears

Other Foods High in Fiber

This is a list of all the vegetables and cereals which are extremely rich sources of fiber:
► Spinach, broccoli and all salad greens
► Green peas, beans and lentils
► Cabbage
► Potatoes
► Carrots
► Mushrooms
► Beetroot
► Cauliflower
► Corn
► Brussels sprouts
► Cereals like oatmeal and bran
► Whole wheat products
► Barley
► Spaghetti and pasta
On an average, every person's daily diet must contain around 25 to 30 grams of fiber. An apple at breakfast (5 grams of fiber), two bananas at lunch (8 grams), a pear in the evening (5 grams) and a bowl of raspberries for dessert (8 grams) would make an ideal combination for a day's intake of fiber.
Alternatively, an avocado (12 grams) and a bowl of bran cereal (19 grams) would do just fine. Spaghetti and pasta for dinner followed by strawberry yogurt sprinkled with oatmeal cereal would be a terrific, healthy way to end the day.