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Healthy Smoothies You Must Try

In a huge variety of fruit smoothies or green smoothies, pick your favorite.
Vinita Tahalramani

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Smoothies are a healthy choice if blended correctly. These can be your breakfast partners or wholesome meal. Choose one from the list or try new every day. Also do not miss on the expert tips while you read the list.
Strawberry Mango Peach Smoothie
Carbohydrates and protein-rich smoothie handles your taste buds and appetite well!
  • Blend fresh/frozen mango chunks (1 1/2 cup), fresh/ frozen banana (1 1/2 cup), fresh peach slices (1 cup) and pineapple or apple juice whichever taste you like.
  • Riped bananas will add to the taste of the smoothie.
Blueberry Smoothie
This well-dressed smoothie is rich in anti-oxidants and supports digestive system.
  • Blend frozen blueberries (1 1/4 cup, banana (1 riped), orange (1 peeled), and milk (3/4 or 1 cup) for desired consistency.
  • You can add any other fruit like  mango, pineapple or greens like spinach to make it more healthy.
Using frozen fruits will give good consistency to your smoothie, whereas, you can opt for fresh fruits too.
Chef's Tip
Yogurt Smoothie with Berries
Easy-to-make smoothie, full of proteins and fibre.
  • Blend almond milk (3/4 cup ), frozen blueberries and strawberries (1/2 and 1 cup each), non-fat yogurt (1 cup), and grounded cinnamon (1tsp).
Yogurt can be one of the ingredients in the smoothie or a smoothie itself.
Yogurt, almond milk or coconut milk always will help have the desired consistency apart from being nutrition-rich.
Clever Tip
Apple Smoothie
Packed with vitamins, calcium and all essential nutrients.
  • Blend apple (2 large peeled and chopped), Almond milk (1/2 cup), and cinnamon (grounded pinch).
  • You can also have variations like apple spinach, apple strawberry or apple mango smoothies.
Apple Blueberry Smoothie
Flavorful and complete pack of nutrients.
  • To the previous recipe simply add 1/2 cup frozen blueberries.
Pineapple and Cantaloupe Smoothie
This tropical smoothie gathers the title of being low fat drink.
  • Blend cantaloupe (diced), pineapple (diced), coconut water, protein powder (unflavored).
  • Coconut water is for hydration.
Avocado Smoothie
This energy-giving smoothie is high in fibre.
  • Blend avocado (1/2), banana (1), pineapple (1/2 cup), spinach (optional) and almond milk.
Pineapple Coconut-Banana Smoothie
A smart sip for strong bones.
  • Blend fresh pineapple (2 cups), banana (1 large), light coconut milk (1/2 cup), and ice (optional).
Healthy Green Smoothie
Good for cleansing and healing of the body.
  • Blend spinach (1 bowl), banana (2), kiwi (1 bowl), orange (1 peeled), and sesame seeds (1tsp).
  • Add a little water to the mixture to have good consistency.
Carrot Cake Smoothie
Rich, creamy smoothie to strengthen your immunity.
  • Blend carrot (1cup grated), frozen banana (1), frozen pineapple (1/2 cup), walnuts (1/4 cup), lemon (1-2 tbsp), coconut milk/oats (1-2 cups), ginger (1/2"peeled), and cinnamon powder (1/2 tsp) to desired consistency. 
Mix Fruit and Veggie Smoothie
Packed with all the essential nutrients.
  • Blend kale, arugula, berries (any that you like), orange (1-2 peeled), mint (3-4 leaves), ginger (1/2" peeled), chia seeds (1tsp), and honey.
  • You can add any other fruits or protein powder in this healthy mix.

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Health Tip
Optional add-ons can have ginger, oats or protein powder to add to the nutritional value of the smoothie.
Mango Smoothie with Grated Almonds
Promises improved immunity and digestive health.
  • Blend mangoes ( 3 peeled and chopped), almonds (12-15), cinnamon powder (1/4 tsp) and sugar to taste (optional).
  • Use 2 crushed almonds for toppings.
Useful tips: Mango can have bananas, figs, and act as healthy partners.
Avoid adding sugar.
Call it a 10-minute healthy meal or a snack packed with flavorful nutrients and anti-oxidants in a bowl. Here I share some quick ones to the list.
Note: Individual nutrition benefits of some mixes are already shared in previous sections.
Strawberry Coconut Smoothie Bowl
  • Blend strawberry (1 cup), banana (1), and coconut yoghurt (2 tbsp).
  • Pour the mixture in a bowl and top it with grated coconut/dried fruits and fresh strawberries.
Green Smoothie Bowl
  • Blend avocado (1/4 ripe), bananas (2 ripe), berries (1 cup), spinach (2), kale (1 small with stem removed), unsweetened milk (1-2 cup), flaxseed (1tbsp), and peanut butter.
  • For toppings use roasted nuts, fresh fruit yoghurt, sunflower seeds.
Spinach Smoothie with Sesame Seeds
  • Blend baby spinach (2), apple (1cup diced), banana (1/2 cup), pineapple (2 cups chunks), yogurt (1/2 cup), and almond milk (1 cup).
  • Add some sesame seeds as toppings.
Pitaya (Dragon Fruit) Smoothie Bowl
Fat-free and high-fibre mix in a bowl.
  • Blend mango, banana and pitaya.
  • Add coconut or almond milk to get a smooth consistency and enhanced taste.
  • For toppings add nuts, fresh fruits of your choice, and coconut (crushed).
Vegan Avocado Smoothie Bowl
  • The recipe is same as previously shared avocado smoothie.
  • Toppings can be banana (sliced), berries, almonds, chia seeds, flaxseeds, coconut, and granola.
Strawberry Smoothie Bowl with dried fruits and delicious toppings.
Easy found healthy topping are nuts and fresh fruits.
Rewarding Tip
Double Blend Smoothie Bowl
Green Smoothie:
  • Blend banana (1 1/2), spinach (2 cups), and almond milk (1 cup).
Blue Smoothie:
  • Blend butterfly pea powder (1tsp), banana (1 1/2), and milk (1 cup).
  • Pomegranate, kiwi, granola and any nuts of your choice.
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