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Healthy Breakfast Foods to Lose Weight

Loveleena Rajeev Feb 14, 2020
Breakfast is very important to maintain a person's health. A healthy breakfast can help in losing weight and gaining strength. Read on to know how this meal of the day can help a person in weight loss.
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. A healthy breakfast puts energy back into our body after a gap of nearly seven to eight hours after the last meal (dinner). Adequate breakfast will sustain one comfortably till lunch time, and ensure that the body is not depleted of its vital nutrients.
A mid morning slump is mostly experienced by all those people who either skip breakfast or consider a cup of coffee as breakfast. Healthy breakfast is what all of us should aim for.
When one say breakfast is important, it means a healthy breakfast is important. So, what should it consist of? Lots of coffee, tea and fried foods aren't exactly what come under healthy eating. The food you decide to consume should be high in fiber and protein, and low on fat.
Whole cereals, fresh fruits, egg white and low-fat dairy products should ideally be your choice. Most mornings are a mad rush in any house, but breakfast time should be a relaxed time. Eating with one hand, and running around completing your chores is not a good idea.
Get up 15 minutes early, fix the breakfast on time, and eat sitting on the dining table and eat slowly and happily. If you find it tiresome to make breakfast in the morning, there are plenty of cereals, fresh fruits and juices, and brown bread that require no cooking and very little assembling.

Healthy Breakfast for Weight Loss

Research has proven that people who eat a healthy breakfast maintain a good weight. So all the weight watchers, and those on diet to shed a few pounds, eat a proper breakfast to worry less about those scales tilting on the other side because no one can challenge the importance of breakfast.
Once your body gets enough energy from breakfast you won't feel the need, or the craving to eat unhealthy midday snacks. Once the calorie filled snacks go and get replaced by fresh fruits, the excess weight too will go. So, how to eat breakfast to lose weight? Check out a few easy ways to make your breakfast healthy.

Breakfast Ideas

Before we get to the variety of foods one can eat, take some time out every weekend and stock up the refrigerator with healthy food and snacks. Once this is done, fixing breakfast will take very little time.


Easy to make and loaded with nutrients, smoothies can be very filling. Use fresh low fat yogurt and blend it with some fresh fruit of your choice, with a few dried fruits thrown in.


Preferably fresh, but a good quality prepackaged juice will also do. Make your own juice by combining two to three flavors, and squeeze in some lime juice. Always use fresh seasonal fruits to extract juice.


A glass of milk with a bowl of oatmeal, cornflakes and wheat flakes combined with fresh fruits and honey will give you plenty of proteins and fiber.


Brown or whole grain bread sandwiches filled with steamed vegetables and some grated cheese grilled in an oven until the cheese melts will be filling and light on the tummy. Tuck in two of them and see the energy you get!


Eggs eaten in moderation are beneficial to the health. Whole or just the white, scrambled or an omelet, or made with mushrooms and green peas, anything with eggs will not just be nutritious, but tasty too.
Don't restrict yourself to just a few food groups, experiment and get creative with your breakfast. The mentioned foods can be eaten with whichever combination you like, but remember, sit and enjoy not just for its nutritional benefits, but also for the pleasure of sharing a meal with your loved ones.