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Healthy Alcoholic Drinks

Sheetal Mandora
Are you searching for some healthy alcoholic drinks that you can serve to your guests or have fun sipping on it yourself? Not just women, but men these days are also worrying about the amount of calories in everything they eat and drink. And who can blame them. With our hectic schedule and hundreds of responsibilities, exercising and taking care of ourselves becomes quite tough. Perhaps there are other ways to reduce your calorie intake.
If you are in a constant struggle with yourself to keep weight off, or can't find the right amount of time to exercise and eat healthy, then perhaps there are certain other areas you can cut down on the total calorie intake. Let's take some examples of drinks. While hanging out with friends and colleagues, dinner parties, and at other social gatherings, you are bound to have a few drinks. So, one way you can keep yourself away from unwanted calories is by ordering a healthy drink.
Cranberry Vodka Tonic
To prepare this drink, you need 1.5 shot of vodka, diet cranberry juice and ice. In a glass, add ice first and pour vodka and cranberry juice in. Mix properly and serve. You can even use flavored vodka for this recipe. Calories - 98
Merlot Spritzer
In this spritzer, we will require about 5 fl. oz. Merlot and 2 fl. oz. sparkling water. In a wine glass, mix both ingredients together. Drink up! Calories - 122
Moscow Mule
In a shaker, mix 1 fl. oz. vodka, 3 fl. oz. diet ginger ale and splash of lime juice.
Add ice cubes, as many as you like, close the lid and shake vigorously.
Pour the drink in a cocktail glass and serve with a lemon wedge.
Calories - 80
Take a glass and fill it with ice cubes. Empty a Splenda packet in and pour 1 fl. oz. white rum in. Top it off with fresh lime juice, mix well, and serve. Calories - 100
Island Lemonade
First you need to mix ½ cup sugar in 3 cups boiling water.
When the sugar dissolves, add 1 ¼ cups lime juice in.
Pour this mixture in 4 different glasses and add 1 fl. oz. white rum in each glass.
Mix well and serve. You can even use no calorie sweetener for even less calories.
Calories - 180
Whiskey Highball
To make this whiskey drink, get 2 fl. oz. whiskey, 4 fl. oz. diet ginger ale and lots of ice.
In a tall glass, add ice in the bottom and then pour whiskey on top.
Add diet ginger ale, mix the ingredients properly and take a sip.
Calories - 128


When you're mixing healthy drinks together, keep sweet liqueurs out as they are filled with calories. Also, let the recipes be simple with minimal mixers as any cocktail or drink with multiple mixers can increase the calorie count. And last, but certainly the most important... Don't drink and drive, please.