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9 Healthy After-school Snack Ideas

Buzzle Staff Mar 7, 2020
Snack-time is always fun, and you can make it even better and healthier for your kids with some unique after-school snack ideas, without compromising on the nutrition factor! Some of the easiest and healthy snacks include quick sandwiches, smoothies, veggies and dips, and simple baked treats.

Quick Tip for After-school Snacks

Preferably, use low-fat ingredients when fixing the snacks, say low-fat cheese, low-fat yogurt, etc.
Also, if you intend feeding fried stuff to your kids, like kale crisps, zucchini chips, kebabs, and more, prefer baking them as opposed to the deep-fry method.

After-school Sandwich Ideas

Rustle up interesting fillings between two slices of bread and serve. Fillings include a plethora of choices, like cheese varieties, veggies, butter varieties, fruit slices, guacamole, jams, sauces, dips, eggs, Nutella, patties, and more.
Use delicious fillings for different types of bread and grill for a few moments to make grilled sandwiches, wraps, and toasts. Some delicious combinations include avocado+bacon, veggies+cheese, sauces+chicken, salads+mayonnaise, eggs+cheese, etc.
Use biscuits, cookies, crackers, rolls, bagels, pita bread, and tortillas as bread variants. Spread almond butter, banana, cream cheese, peanut butter, dry fruits, cream, yogurt, chocolate chips, etc., between crackers and cookies.
Spread pizza sauce over a tortilla, add caramelized onions, spread with grated cheese, pop in the oven, and have a yummy wrap! Try eggs, salads, fish, hummus, veggies, cheese, etc. Make pinwheels, panini, roll-ups, spirals, quesadillas, enchiladas, burritos, etc.!

Frozen After-school Snacks

Pick up any number of fruits or veggies you want to, blend them with some milk, low-fat cream, and honey, and you've got a smoothie ready!
Some healthy ideas include banana, peach, strawberry, tomato, carrot, broccoli, etc. For popsicles, select a fruit, like strawberry. Blend with sugar and water, pour the puree into molds, insert sticks after a few minutes in the freezer, and freeze them again. Try out flavors like raspberry+blueberry, kiwi+pineapple, cherry+watermelon, etc.

No-bake and Baked After-school Treats

Mix simple ingredients together to make treats like granola bar bites, peanut butter bar bites, oatmeal bites, chocolate balls, pecan-coconut balls, and many, many more.
Use bananas, zucchini, kale, sweet potato, and other veggies to make delicious baked chips.
Slice the vegetables, brush over some olive oil, top with seasonings, and bake in the oven. Delicious, crispy, healthy, and filling! Prepare brownies, cakes, muffins, pancakes, and cookies using minimal ingredients. For example, prepare quick package brownie/muffin batter, add your favorite add-ons, like chocolate chips, dry fruits, etc., and bake.

After-school Veggies, Fruits, and Dip Ideas

Grill cubed veggies very lightly, and thread them onto skewers. It is the most unique and interesting snack idea!
You can use fruit cubes as well for sweeter kebabs! For instance, chop peppers, onions, and tofu, rush them with oil, season with salt and pepper, and grill. Thread them onto skewers and enjoy! For a fruity choice, thread cubed apples, banana, and kiwis onto skewers or toothpicks. Yum!
A veggie or fruit platter with dips is one of the best snacks! Chop veggies into thin strips, slice fruits, arrange on a plate, and place a garlic or mayonnaise dip in between.
Dips range from cream cheese, yogurt, broccoli+cheese, garlic, onion, peanut butter, kale, dill, guacamole, hummus, and more. Combine all the ingredients - say, mayonnaise, cheese, celery, soy sauce, etc., bake, or freeze till firm. Serve with sandwiches, chips, crackers, veggies, fruits, wraps, etc.

Miscellaneous After-school Snacks

You don't need to serve an enormous pizza; instead, simplify it for kids. Make mini pizzas - use a smaller pizza base or even a bread slice, spread sauce and cheese, bake and serve!
You can use a variety of breads, veggies, cheese, and sauces to prepare innumerable pizza-style treats. Make waffle sandwiches with waffles and sweet fillings, like cream cheese, chocolate sauce, etc. Spread different types of butter on pretzel rods and enjoy crunchy snacks!
Load crackers or breads with interesting toppings, spread grated cheese, and dig into delicious melts.
Roll pizza dough into small roundels, top with delicious fillings, like cheese, veggies, fruits, etc., fold into quarters, brush with beaten eggs, and bake as required. Bite into heavenly snack pockets.