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Health Benefits of Dried Fruits

Rujuta Borkar Mar 18, 2020
Dried fruits provide for varied and extensive health benefits. In this Story, we will concentrate on these benefits and help you understand why including dried fruits in your diet is important.
In this recently updated fitness-crazed world, all you keep hearing is how it is important to consume balanced and well-planned meals, those which will ensure that the right nutrients are being consumed. Healthy and well-balanced meals ensure great health, keep diseases away and act as a base for weight loss.
So, you hear about minerals, fats, proteins, carbs and such and such; one of the most basic and important basic food groups that is included in this list is that of dried fruits. These fruits have an exceptionally high nutritional value which promotes health and fitness.
In the following sections of this story, we will be taking you through a list of the varied health benefits of dried fruits and help you understand why the consumption of these is an important factor.

Benefits of Dried Fruits and Nuts

Dried fruits are those fruits which are devoid of the water content that is so characteristic of fruits. These are brought into being by drawing out the water content, either by sun-drying or using specialized machines.
Once in their dried phase, the fruits can be stored for a longer period of time and continue to provide for basic nutrients. Some of the most common list of dried fruits are apricots, raisins, plums, dates, prunes, cranberries, blueberries, figs and others. In the following section, we will study some of the health benefits of dried fruits.

Infused with Nutrients

Dried fruits will retain all the nutrients that are present in fruits and gain more when they are dried. Dried fruits are infused with vitamins, minerals, fiber, iron, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, sugar and others. The infusion of these nutrients helps in promoting overall health and keeping a person healthy and free of diseases as well as devoid of fatigue.

Digestion and Cleansing Powers

Dried fruits have an infusion of fiber which lends to several benefits. Fiber helps to draw water into the system which then brings about effective digestion.
Along with improving digestion, it also helps in cleansing the system by drawing out the layers of waste and impurities, which automatically prevents the onset of constipation and other diseases associated with bladder problems.
This will also lead to great skin health, because the flushing of toxins clears out the skin and leads to healthy and clear skin that is free of all skin conditions.

Promote Hemoglobin Production

Dried fruits are infused with iron, which is an important nutrient for the promotion of health. Iron allows for the production of hemoglobin. This nutrient will promote the production of white blood cells which are important for fighting of diseases and preventing conditions like anemia, other blood diseases, fatigue and weakness in the body.

Weight Loss

The consumption of dried fruits will help in weight loss by attacking it from different angels. For one, with proper digestion and cleansing of the colon, weight loss is promoted as is. To add to that, the fiber allows the person to feel full for a longer time and therefore prevents mid-meals snacking.
Dried fruits are one of the best options to choose before a workout in place of carbs, because they provide for steady bursts of energy and help to sustain a heavy workout.
Another way in which they promote weight loss is that people can consume these in place of sweets when they crave for something sweet. In that way, they won't add to the calories and neither will they add to the weight. On the other hand, they will only promote health by cutting out the excess intake of carbs and sugar.

Prevention of Major Diseases

Other health benefits of dried fruits will include the prevention of varied conditions like cancer, heart diseases, colon cancer, asthma, blood pressure, rheumatoid arthritis, atherosclerosis and osteoarthritis.
This is made possible because they are packed with antioxidants which prevent the onset of free radicals. Along with that, with the high content of calcium, they are also able to promote healthy bones and teeth as well as better eyesight.
With so much to gain from the consumption of dried fruits, there is really no need to convince one of the fact of why these should be made an important part of everyone's diet, right? Then here's to great health and a fitter you.