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Foods that Make you Happy

Interestingly, there a few food items that you can consume to make yourself happy. Let us look at a list of such foods items.
If you have a balanced diet, you are going to have good body and a good mood. But sometimes we need something more, a little extra comfort. Stress, quarrels, and negativity in life, to a large extent, can actually depress you.
Well, there are certain special foods that can cheer you up in this time of depression. Nutritionists have long proposed a direct relation between food and mood. Medical research also indicates that foods in our diet influences behavior, moods, and overall well-being.


Chocolates contain anadamine, a chemical that makes us cheerful.
Scientists believe that other components in chocolate help anadamine to stay longer in the brain. The sugar content boosts our levels of glucose and endorphins (another hormone which makes us happy). Don't have it in excess though.


Salmon fish is a sea of omega-3 essential fatty acids which are regarded as one of the top antidepressants in the world. No one is quite sure how it works.
But according to a recent research it has been found out that, people who consume omega-3 fatty acids daily, are always in a better mood than others. Other fish which have similar effects like salmon are mackerel, eel, and tuna. All of these are also known to fight symptoms of depression, persistent pessimism, and erectile dysfunction.

Rice, Bread, Noodles or Pasta

Carbohydrates, a favorite with many. Consuming carbohydrates increases serotonin levels in our body which has a calming effect. Choose healthier carbohydrates like brown rice, noodles, wheat bread, and vegetables.

Bake Potato

Heat one of these high energy potatoes and it will improve your concentration to a high extent. Have baked potato with salsa and low-sodium salt. This is a great snack before going for a heavy workout. It gives you the energy that lasts.

Beans and Soybeans

Beans are filled with soluble fiber, folic acid, and omega-3 fats, these three ingredients work best to make your mood cheerful.
Beans are also an excellent source of iron and calcium which increases the number of blood cells in the body. Soy products contain genistein which helps in preventing prostate and breast cancer.

Fresh Peas

Yes fresh green peas are also one of the healthy foods that make you happy. Peas contain high amounts of folate, a nutrient which helps body to produce serotonin.
You can buy fresh frozen peas for your food, but avoid the canned ones as they have a minimal quantity of nutrients left. Peas can be easily included in salads and various other gravies.


It's Popeye's favorite food. So, if you want to be strong and powerful like Popeye, have spinach.
It is rich in folic acid which helps body to make serotonin which gives your body a feel good factor. Most kids don't like it but it's very necessary that spinach becomes a part of their diet. Eat a cup of cooked spinach to help you feel strong and full of positivity.


Blueberries are rich in antioxidants and vitamin C, which are also well-known stress busters.
Antioxidants help eliminate free radicals (toxins) which keep moving in our body. These free radicals cause us to age faster and harm our internal organs. Blueberries are packed with fiber which aids in good digestion. Some scientists also believe that blueberries and strawberries also prevent cancer.