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10 Different Types of Healthy Protein Bars

Amruta Joshi
These bars are best for hikers who need an energy boost.
Vegan Healthy Protein Bar
Original Refrigerated Protein Bar
This is made with fresh ground nut butter and organic honey. It can stay good for one week out of the fridge.
Whole Food Protein Bar
In this type of bar, there are no artificial colors, flavors, preservatives and this is gluten-free with no soy or dairy.
Low Sugar Whey Protein Bar
This is a very tasty bar and can fill up your hunger in the short term until your next meal.
Gluten-Free Protein Bar
This bar type tastes delicious and it is healthy as it is gluten free.
Layered Protein Bar
It has six layers with candy bar taste and texture, and contains protein, carbohydrates.
Plant-Based Protein Bars
Plant-based protein bars are a healthy snack and it can be replacement of meat.
Nut Butter Protein Bars
This is the most common type of protein bar with peanuts and butter.
Mocha Protein Bars
This protein bar is full of antioxidants with extra energy.
No-Bake Protein Bars
This bar is gluten-free, vegan and sugar free and healthy choice for you.