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Amazing Health Benefits of Cottage Cheese

Saptakee Sengupta Mar 2, 2020
Cottage cheese is low in calories and rich in protein. Provided here is information about the various health benefits of this cheese and how are they helpful to the person.
The term cottage cheese was coined, because it was produced at home or cottages from the milk which was left after making butter. It's believed that it was first made in Egypt and Greece. It is made from milk which have different fat levels.
The water is drained retaining some amount of whey, and the remaining yogurt is also loose. It is also called sweet yogurt cheese. Further processing of this cheese gives rise to different varieties of cheese known as hoop cheese, queso blanco, pot cheese or farmer cheese. You may consume it with fruits, salads, sandwiches, snacks and other recipes as well.

Why Cottage Cheese is Healthy

Cottage cheese is healthier as compared to normal cheese and butter. It is rich in proteins and low in carbohydrates. Apart from these benefits, it has a mild flavor, that is popular among children and even adults. It has some amount of whey in it that can be rinsed or drained off the cheese.
The rinsing process removes some amount of sodium. This particular quality makes it suitable for people with high blood pressure and heart diseases. It is also touted to be beneficial for weight loss as it is low in fat.
Natural version of cottage cheese are also available in the market that have not been injected with bovine growth hormone. The organic variety is free from chemical additives. It is also beneficial for people who are conscious of their health and do not prefer to include additives in their diet.


Cottage cheese is considered as a part of a healthy diet because it is rich in proteins and calcium. Apart from this it contains less amount of carbohydrates and fat. The data mentioned here is for the serving size of 226 grams of cheese.

High Protein

A single serving has about 15 grams of protein. The protein is in the form of casein that is slow to digest. This keeps hunger under check for a longer period of time. Its high protein and casein content makes it one of the best non-meat sources of protein. Also, it is very popular among body builders and pregnant women.

High Calcium

Calcium is the most essential mineral required for bone growth and bone strength. One serving has 187 mg of calcium in it. It may supplement the daily calcium needs and prevent bone diseases. Calcium present in it not only helps to maintain healthy bone condition, but also maintains normal blood pressure.

Low Carbohydrates

One serving has only 8 grams of carbohydrates in it. Sometimes, they are specially formulated to increase the carbohydrate content to strengthen health condition, or else it is safe for fitness conscious people.

Low Fat

Low-fat cottage cheese is excellent for health-conscious people. Standard quality of cottage cheese has 4-6 grams of fat. Sometimes starch is added to supplement the fat content, or else fat-free varieties are also available.

Low Sodium

Rinsing of the whey removes the residual sodium from cottage cheese. This is a healthy dietary option for people with high blood pressure and heart diseases.
Apart from all these health benefits, a pack of cottage cheese has a very low-calorie content.