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Choosing the Right Snacks for Healthy Living

Here are a few options to make you feel better about snacking.
Mia Morales Sep 27, 2019
All that sounds reasonable and good, but isn't there still a part of us that likes to reach out and grab a bag of greasy potato chips or a huge candy bar from time to time? I mean doesn't it become tedious to always "watch" what you eat?

Looking for the Right Snacks

If any day you do a Google search for Healthy snacking ideas you will get a response from Google of a little over 8 million pages of ideas. That is a lot of ideas and they all have some worth to them, but who's going to go thrugh so many pages to find the best ideas? Probably not many! However, everyone is interested in learning how to eat healthy.

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What does it mean to have good snacking or eating healthy junk food? Is there such a thing as "healthy junk food?"

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I think today if you gather enough CLIF bars or granola bars and veggie chips that could be considered "healthy junk food." It is just not eating healthy, but wouldn't we also enjoy what we are eating?
I can understand having salmon every day or even chia seeds in my breakfast cereal every once in a while, but to have them without enjoying what you eat may seem to push healthy eating too far. On the other hand, healthy eating also means adjusting your pallet to those things that make you feel better, both physically and mentally.
Healthy eating boosts your metabolism and makes you want to engage in life more, rather than slumping on the couch all day half dead because of all the fats and cholesterol in your system. So there is a lot of merit in the consideration that it is not so much the only mind over matter, but better healthy matter is what is going to count for our health.

Getting a Balance

Let's take a look at a variety in our life. If I balance the right amount of food in my life so that I get all the right nutrients, proteins and vitamins, most nutritionists will say that having a balance of these foods in your diet will allow the less nutritious to work with the more nutritious, since your body can balance out the good and the bad effects.
Well, that is true in theory only, perhaps. We want variety but a healthy variety is what the experts tell us. A healthy variety will strengthen us in a way that an unhealthy variety won't. Having 5 blends of whiskey in the evening is not as good for your system as having 5 kinds of milkshakes. But the taste and effects of whiskey are not the same.
So it is not just the taste we crave? No, it is more the experience we are having of the food we eat that sets us apart. As mentioned earlier, a healthy balance will bring us to a higher standard of healthy living while following a less healthy diet will complicate our life, but also put our healthy future at risk and that is not what we want.

Can You Prove it?

Then there is the idea to prove that everything we eat is good and has to be backed by the latest scientific journals. How picky do we have to be? For example, in the past 10 years, there has been a debate about whether eggs were good for us or not. Today scientists are saying that the "right amount" of eggs, especially hard-boiled eggs, are good for us.
You've seen those adds before, yet research shows, at least the latest, that no one has been able to prove that milk has a health benefit, but it has been the dairy producers and farmers that have pushed the drink milk program. This brings me to this last point, which is what you consider to be healthy for your diet has a good effect upon your health.
Snacking should be a natural part of living. In a recent 5 part documentary on Shaolin Temple KungFu, it was observed that the Buddhist monks "snacked" on good herbal tea to bring their bodies back into a high energy state when they pushed themselves to accomplish their rigorous KungFu exercises.