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Cayenne Pepper Benefits

There are many benefits of cayenne pepper, which include treating of skin diseases, digestive problems, chronic pain, poor circulation, and heart diseases. With so many medicinal properties, this spice is regarded as the most powerful of all medicinal herbs. This Story provides some information about the various benefits of the spice.
Cayenne pepper is a culinary spice related to bell pepper and jalapeno, which is scientifically represented as Capsicum frutescens. It is added specifically to impart color and hot flavor to the dishes.
Also used as a whole in cooking, the powdered form of this spice is commonly sold as red pepper in food stores. After conducting rigorous studies, concerning the therapeutic importance of the spice, today it is considered as the most effectual herbal medicine with multiple applications.
The healing power of this spice has been known for thousands of years. As per studies, its benefit in the medicinal field is mainly attributed to 'capsaicin', which is the active ingredient present in the spice. This compound is responsible for determining the spiciness of cayenne peppers; higher the percentage content of capsaicin, the more is the heat of pepper. The other important components are carotenoids, vitamin C, and vitamin E.

Notable Benefits

Speaking about the health benefits of the spice, it is used to treat certain medical problems, ranging from digestion problems to chronic pain and heart diseases. Contrary to the common misconception that having chili harms the digestive system, this wonderful spice heals stomach tissues and aids in digestion process. The following are some of the claimed red cayenne pepper benefits:


The consumption of this spice would increase the secretion of hydrochloric acid (digestive juice produced by the stomach), that helps digest proteins and other nutrients. This herb is shown to improve peristaltic action (essential for transportation of food particles), nutrient assimilation, and elimination of waste products. On the precautionary note, those with an underlying intestinal disorders, should take medical advice before consuming this herb.


Medical herbalist Dr. Richard Schulze opines that this is the most powerful herb. According to him, this herb increases the blood flow and strengthens the circulatory system. It is the best blood stimulant that shows improved blood circulation within seconds after ingestion.

Weight Loss

In the United States, cayenne pepper pills sold as herbal supplements, are the latest fad to shed extra calories for weight loss. Besides pills, the powdered form of the spice is an ingredient for the well-known master cleanse diet. One can follow the diet plan to reap the boons of this spice and lemon juice.


The herb, advocated in specific concentration, is effectual to get relief from chronic pain caused by arthritis. Considering its effectiveness in subsiding pain, topical cayenne pepper products are applied to treat nerve pain (neuralgia), bursitis, and herpes zoster.

Skin Conditions

In a study conducted among individuals having psoriasis skin condition, the application of topical ointment formulated with the herb, significantly reduces itching and discomfort. Also, people with other skin disorders like prurigo nodularis would benefit from topical capsaicin.


According to the proponents of the pills, they are believed to prevent heart attacks, and hemorrhage in cases of emergency. If tablets are not available, the powdered or extracted form can be used to stabilize blood pressure, and stop hemorrhage. In case of chronic headache, consuming the spice will give instant relief from the discomfort and severe headache.
In a nutshell, this spice benefits in combating almost all types of acquired health conditions. It is a 'miracle herb' whose potential benefits are incomparable to other culinary spices or herbal products. Recent research studies have shown that capsaicin present in the spice, exhibits anti-cancer properties. However, additional studies need to be conducted to ascertain the anti-cancer action of this spice.
Disclaimer: This Story is for informative purposes only and does not in any way attempt to replace the advice offered by an expert on the subject.