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Can You Eat Fruits on Keto Diet?

This story shares information on the fruits that are compatible with the Keto diet.
Muneeza Jamal Aug 27, 2019

Fruits are Nutritious

According to science, fruits are nutritious and an integral component of a balanced diet. However, excessive intake can make it hard to lose weight and counter the effects of a Keto diet. The question is – does this apply to the Keto diet? Is it healthy to drink a Keto strawberry shake?  

Are Fruits Keto-friendly?

When you consume fruits, it will spike your blood sugar. The primary objective of taking a Keto diet is to avoid such a spike in blood glucose.

Aim of Keto Diet

Increased blood sugar levels stimulate the production of insulin. This hormone tells your body to store fat. On the other hand, a Keto diet aims to initiate ketosis, a process in which the body metabolizes fat molecules to produce energy.

Fruits May Inhibit the Keto Diet Impact

A spike in blood sugar causes an increased production of insulin, which in turn blocks the burning of fat. In summary, excessive consumption of fruits inhibits the impact of taking a Keto diet.

Which Fruits are Good for Keto?

Although you have to observe your fruit intake to achieve ketosis, it does not mean that all fruits are prohibited. Ensure that your carbohydrate intake stays below 10% of your daily calorie intake. The best fruit for Keto is avocado since it has the lowest carbohydrate concentration of all fruits.

Avacado, What Else?

Other low-carb fruits include lemons, limes, blackberries, raspberries, and strawberries. Drinking Keto strawberry shakes is healthy. In fact, it is among the fruits that are perfect for making Keto diet smoothies. Moreover, strawberries contain antioxidants, vitamin, and minerals, and are high in fiber.

How Strawberry Helps in a Keto Diet?

Consuming strawberries in the right quantities allow you to stay in ketosis. Berries are also useful in reducing inflammation, improving blood sugar, reducing insulin responses.

How to Consume Fruits While Following a Keto Diet

It is vital to focus on getting your vitamin and minerals from Keto-friendly sources to ensure that you attain ketosis. When you experience a craving for fruits, go for low-carb options such as avocados, strawberries, and other berries. Acquaint yourself with Keto-friendly foods and try to source nutrients from meat and vegetables.

Keep Healthy Energy Levels

Your diet should have high-fat levels to suppress your cravings and keep your energy up. If you are curious about how fruits affect you, test your blood sugar levels after consuming them. If your blood glucose spikes within a few hours after consumption, you are probably sensitive to that fruit and you need to avoid it.

How Fruits Affect Weight Loss?

Stimulates Cravings

Similar to most carbs, fruits cause a rapid decline in blood sugar. This explains why you feel hungry 30 minutes after eating fruit as a standalone snack. Fruits do not have adequate fat to keep you full for extended periods.

Fruit Fiber Helps to Keep Cravings in Check

Although fruits have fiber that suppresses cravings for a while, it is not enough to prevent the drastic decline in blood glucose. The desire will resurface as soon as the sugar levels drop.

Causes Overeating

Fruits contain fructose, a sugar that does not tell the brain to stop eating once you are full. The combination of fructose and the rapid sugar decline is a recipe for overeating, which culminates in obesity.

Causes Bloating

Fructose causes bloating when it is inefficiently absorbed in the small intestines — bloating leads to gas and abdominal discomfort, which are a frustration to individuals who are trying to shed off extra weight.

Alternatives to Fruit

The most significant benefit of fruits is the high level of minerals and vitamins they offer. However, if you want to practice a Keto lifestyle, fruits should not be the priority. Consider other Keto-friendly options such as non-starchy vegetables, 100% grass-fed meats, poultry and seafood, and greens powders.

Consider Only Keto diet Friendly Fruits

The foods mentioned above are Keto-friendly, and they offer the nutrients that you would expect to find in fruits. Indeed, they are a better option than fruits, as they do not cause spikes in blood sugar levels and insulin.


Although Keto strawberry shakes are healthy, you can do much better for prioritizing vegetables over fruits. After all, vegetables are sugar-free and offer all other nutrients found in fruits.