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Calories in Beef Stew

Rimlee Bhuyan Feb 14, 2020
If you are craving comfort food, than you cannot beat a creamy beef stew. Nevertheless, let's have a look at its calories...
Beef stew is made with chunky pieces of beef, vegetables, spices, and a dollop of cream. There are different recipes for this, but most households have a family recipe that is handed down. The calorie content depends on the way it is prepared. Since stew is made by using different proportions of beef pieces, vegetables, and spices, it is very difficult to calculate the exact calories in it. If you are purchasing canned beef stew, the calorie content will be listed on the label of the can. The canned type is much higher in calories as well as nutritionally poor as compared to the homemade version.

Calories Content

The basic ingredient in beef stew is obviously beef. The cut of beef you choose will have a bearing on the taste as well as calories in the stew. Tougher cuts of beef called the 'chuck' and 'brisket' are the best, since this becomes soft and tender when cooked in the stew.
Making stew is a slow cooking method, and hence, tougher cuts of meat work well. Avoid using lean cut beef or expensive cuts like sirloin and tenderloin. A classic beef stew made with 'chuck' pieces with mixed vegetables like celery, carrots, and potatoes in a tomato-based gravy has 222 calories for 1 cup serving.
The total fat content in this type is 9.73 grams, 791 mg sodium, 13.86 grams protein, and 19.53 grams carbohydrates. It is quite high in sodium and saturated fat, although it provides a good amount of protein and dietary fiber.
Beef stew is made by dredging the pieces of beef in flour, and then searing it in a hot pan with a bit of oil or butter. Make sure that you brown the meat in batches, so that it is cooked properly. You can make the stew healthier by using olive oil instead of butter for searing.
Once the beef pieces have been seared, remove them from the pan, and use a deglazing liquid, usually white wine. If you want to cut back on calories, deglaze with homemade vegetable stock or beef stock instead.
It will give your stew a better flavor too. Do not use store bought vegetable or beef stock, as they contain a higher amount of sodium, which will make your stew too salty.
Vegetables added to the stew make it more nutritious and give it its unique flavor and aroma. Add more vegetables like carrots, kale, spinach, leek, broccoli, and turnip, to increase its nutritional value. Avoid using cornstarch to thicken the stew, and use Dijon mustard and fresh herbs and spices to give it more flavor. Most cooks like to make their beef stew richer by adding a dollop of fresh cream. But this will increase the calories. So skip the cream and use a spoon of thick Greek yogurt instead.