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Boost Your Diet With The Best Vegetables

Mia Morales Nov 08, 2019
Everyone knows that they need to eat vegetables, but most people would not be happy with all salads all the time. Even if you are vegan or vegetarian, how do you navigate the need to get all the necessary nutrition? Many important vitamins and minerals are more common in animal products than plant products.


The favorite vegetable of Millennials around the world, kale is a powerhouse leafy green that's good for your body and your brain. It's an excellent source of calcium, for those who are lactose intolerant, and keeps better than softer leafy greens like spinach.


Carrots are also packed full of vitamin A. There is a myth that carrots are good for your vision, but this one is actually true. The vitamin A in carrots does help with visual health, and is particularly good for your night vision. Shred them into salads or bring them to snack on at work.


Broccoli, best served raw or steamed to preserve its nutritional value, is low in calories and high in vitamins. A key ingredient in many dietary supplements like Primal Plants, broccoli is also excellent for snacking when it's fresh, and it can be added to many stir-fry dishes for a crunchy nutritional boost.


Spinach has long been held to be an excellent source of iron. Unfortunately, it has been shown that the iron in spinach isn't easily processed by your body, and is mostly useless to you. This doesn't mean that spinach isn't a tasty way to get nutrition. It's packed full of vitamin A and it can give your immune system a boost.


Lentils are an excellent source of protein as well as being packed full of vitamins. The upshot of this is that they are a healthy and filling addition to any dish, making them a valuable and cost effective addition to any pantry. Lentils are an excellent plant protein base to use in soups, curries, and even tacos.


Cauliflower is another excellent healthy snack alternative, and can be used to replace everything from rice to pizza crusts. Cauliflower can be an excellent gluten-free option for people with celiac disease, but it's also just plain tasty and good for you.