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Boiled Egg Diet

Eggs has been present in the daily diet of human beings, for centuries. Here, you will find all the benefits of an egg making it important in a healthy diet, for children and adults.
Erica Dalton Mar 21, 2019
You will get to know how boiled egg is effective to lose 24 pounds in 14 days. If you want to take advantage of all the fabulous benefits of this great food, do not hesitate to read further.
The boiled egg diet is an increasingly popular eating plan that has gained prestige due to the usage by some hollywood stars in order to lose weight for the interpretation of the roles for their films.
This feeding plan proposes an appetizing version of a high protein and low carbohydrate diet.

As an additional advantage, eggs are very high in protein and extremely low in calories, which makes them an excellent option for any type of food plan.
In the real version of the hard-boiled egg diet, it is recommended to include eggs, as well as another sources of lean protein in your meal.

You need to stay away from white or "bad" carbohydrates, but you can have limited fruits and as many low-carb vegetables as you want in your diet.

Does the Boiled Egg Diet Work?

Due to the high popularity of miracle diets that offer the possibility of eating everything you want and still lose weight, it is necessary to be careful and ask ourselves whether the egg diet is a fad or simply a low carb diet option.
While there is no magic formula for dieters, the good news is that there are many options to choose from and a possibility that, through research and consideration, you can find the diet that works best for you.

Why is the Egg Good for Weight Loss?

A study from the University of the State of Louisiana in the USA showed that, obese women who ate 2 eggs a day for 8 weeks, lost 65% more weight and experienced an 83% greater decrease in the hip circumference than the subjects of the group of control.
These results are attributed to the following characteristics present in the egg:
  • High vitamin content
  • Nutrients and proteins that reduce appetite
  • Highly digestible