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Best Strawberry Varieties

Dhanashree Patane Feb 12, 2020
Strawberries! Who does not love them? This blushing red fruit, dripping tangy sweet flavors, is the king of desserts on a platter. For all strawberry lovers, this article is a quick tour in the farms of the best strawberry varieties. Take a stroll...
A rich fruit of flavor and color, the strawberry has most of its fans rooted deep in desserts, jams and just in any recipe that connects to this yummy fruit. The sweet blush and flavor of strawberries have conquered most of the farms for commercial purposes and also some of the strawberry lovers at home.
There are so many varieties of strawberries, but what is it that makes some varieties the best? Is it the color, the size or the flavor of this fruit?
If you are a cultivator on a commercial platform or a home gardener, or if your taste buds are a huge fan of this rich and sweet fruit of joy, this article provides you with all that you need to know about the types of strawberries, and yes, the best ones that melt us with a mesmerizing taste!
I must say, though the best varieties will have a lot to choose from, a wise choice of the best type and variety still remains one of the best tips for growing strawberries. Cultivation and farming of the strawberries for rich yield and the most important, that is the taste, will completely depend upon the area of plantation (region), season, soil, etc.
A specific variety does not rule forever, it depends on the month of yield and similar factors. There are different types of strawberries that are best for specific purposes. Like certain strawberries are good for jam, while some are best when combined in desserts, smoothies, etc.
With a fair judgment not possible with one common aspect, all we can say is that the best variety, will depend on many factors. Below is a list of the best strawberry varieties, that prosper in a particular season. We will also discuss on which variety is the best for different recipes and foods.

List of Best Strawberry Varieties 
To get a simple view of the best of these fruits, we have classified them, by the season in which they are grown. Take a look...
List of Best Strawberry Varieties 
To get a simple view of the best of these fruits, we have classified them, by the season in which they are grown. Take a look...
June Bearing
These strawberries are the biggest and the juiciest types of strawberries to grow. So if you are looking for juicy sweet fruit that rules with size as well, go for June bearing strawberries. These are also called spring bearing strawberries and give you fruit within a few weeks.
Due to the many reasons to fall in love with this type, it has become popular. This variety is the best to grow. These are further divided as early season, mid season and late season varieties. Choosing June bearing varieties as per their season will help in a long period of strawberry harvest.
So instead of a single harvest of a few weeks, you can enjoy strawberries for long with each variety. 

Let us also understand the seasonal varieties. Early season varieties will grow fully to bear fruit in late spring, and early mid season follow them by bearing fruit just after 5 days of early season fruiting.
Mid season will start fruiting after 10 days of early season fruit. And finally late season variety of strawberries will bear fruit after 14 days of mid season varieties. So this is the pattern of fruiting and if followed well, can help in plenty of fruit to your harvest. Let us now check the best in June bearing strawberry varieties.
❦ June bearing ❦
Earliglow – Guardian – Redchief
Lateglow – Annapolis – Mohawk
Kent – DelMarvel – Cavendish
Sparkle – Honeoye – Veestar
Seneca – Jewel -Delite
Everbearing Strawberries
These type of strawberries produce the fruit 2 to 3 times in a harvest , during , spring, summer and fall. However these types do not send many runners. They are juicy red fruits and are excellent for gardening and house plantation. They give plenty of harvest and these strawberries are preferred for jam and jellies.
❦ Everbearing Strawberries ❦
Rockwell - Mar des Bois
Seacape – Albion
Ozark Beauty - Fort Laramie
Quinault – Tillicum
Ogallala - Geneva
Day Neutral Strawberries 
Day neutral varieties are the most recent types of strawberries in the family. These are often confused with ever bearing types, most of these are also sold under ever bearing types. As the name suggests these types of strawberries will grow throughout.
But unlike evergreen that give two to three fruits in a year, these will give fruits throughout the whole season. They will bloom until the conditions are favorable for the same. They will also produce runners.
The fruit will not be very big, it will be a small or a medium-sized strawberry, but flavor definitely is not affected due the small size of these fruits. Some of these varieties are excellent in flavor and quality. These varieties will be more like every bearing varieties of strawberries, but are very different from them.
Let us take a look at the list which also includes the best tasting strawberry variety.

❦ Day Neutral ❦
Tristar – Tribute
Seascape – Albion
Evie – Alinta
Selva – Monterey
San Andreas - Portola
While thinking on choosing the best variety of strawberries, one must consider some important factors as discussed earlier. There are so many different types, and you don't want to be confused with choosing the best one. So get help with a little field study on important factors that are favorable for strawberry cultivation.
The above was all that makes strawberries in their distinct seasons and varieties. The next time you pop a strawberry, you know it is just not a simple fruit, but a rich, sweet fruit that comes in various varieties of different seasons!