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Best Proteins for Muscle Building

Eric Leader May 23, 2019
Have you ever wondered what are the best proteins for muscle building? Is it whatever your personal trainer suggests? What are the differences between the various sources such as Casein, Whey, Pea, etc? Also, which type of protein is considered most optimal? Let's take an in-depth look.

Casein Protein

This is a protein that is made from cow milk. It is a byproduct of cheese. Casein Protein provides a constant supplication of amino acids to the muscles, which is an essential element for muscle building. 

Casein protein makes curd-like substance in the digestive system that makes the digestion process a bit slower.

Whey Protein

Similar to Casein Protein, Whey Protein is also derived from cow milk and is a by- product of cheese. It is well-known among the protein consumers and certified personal trainers in the fitness industry.

It increases the digestion rate and is very easily consumed by the digestive system. Whey protein is the best option for post-workout protein intake.

Pea Protein

Pea Protein is a vegetable based protein as it is derived from yellow peas. It has all the vital ingredients such as amino acids and iron, which make it a complete protein.

The proteins derived from cow milk are far better in terms of muscles building and digestion.

Rice Protein

Rice protein is a vegetable-based protein that is derived from the grains of rice and transformed into powder.

It is a very good alternative protein to cow milk-based proteins as it provides effects similar to them. It makes digestion really easy and tastes good too.

Final Conclusion

Hopefully, you have now gained knowledge on different types of proteins that are available. So which is best? Of course, this will vary from person to person.

As always, it is very important to consult your physician or personal trainer for any questions you may have.