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Benefits of Coconut Water

Shashank Nakate Mar 16, 2020
Coconut water is also called the fluid of life due to the large number of health benefits it offers. The intake of coconut water saved lives of many soldiers during the Pacific War. Intake of this liquid is very useful for the health of human body since it is a complete drink.
The clear liquid obtained from young coconuts in its fresh form is known as coconut water. This water attains a solid form as the coconut ripens. Coconut water is one of the commonly used beverages by people from tropical countries. It possesses many qualities and offers lots of benefits which makes coconut water a preferred drink.
Doctors too recommend drinking coconut water for patients. It is even packaged for sale in countries like Costa Rica. The flavor of coconut water changes according to the region where the plant is grown. While the water obtained from Brazilian coconuts is tasteless, the Indian coconuts produce water that is sweet.
The Bangladeshi coconut is similar in taste to the Indian coconut, however, the former is a bit sweeter. Owing to high potassium levels in coconut water, it is also referred as a sports drink. Consumption of coconut water has many benefits to offer and some of these are listed here.

Solution for urinary and kidney problems

This drink provides relief from problems related to the urinary tract, intestines and kidneys. Coconut water helps cure urinary problems such as polyutra and strangury.
It also helps improve digestion and destroys intestinal worms if taken with a teaspoonful of olive oil for three days. Coconut water relieves the intestines of harmful toxins. It also acts as a carminative, thereby relieving the gas present in alimentary canal.
Doctors recommend patients afflicted with kidney stones to drink coconut water in addition to regular medications. Coconut water helps in dissolving kidney stones and allows their easy passage out of the body.

Medicinal Uses

Monolaurin, a chemical present in coconut water has antibacterial and antiviral properties. Thus, it is used to kill pathogens like cytomegalovirus and Herpes virus. Coconut water is also used to reduce vomiting in patients suffering from typhoid and malaria.

For Blood Transfusion

It is also used in blood transfusion because it possesses properties that are similar to blood plasma. Coconut water is also used as a substitute for standard fluid IV - meant for intravenous hydration.

Helps in Weight Loss

Many of us would not think of coconut water as a drink meant for weight loss. However, the nutrient rich liquid can help boost metabolism by increasing oxygen supply to body cells.

Other Benefits

Along with mentioned uses, following are some more benefits of coconut water. It is important to note that most of these coconut water benefits can be availed only when it is fresh; this is because fermentation of the liquid begins once it is exposed to air. The list given here should help understand why coconut water is the best natural drinks on earth.
~ Since coconut water is isotonic in nature, it proves to be useful for rehydrating the body. A well-hydrated body finds it easy to get rid of toxins by means of urination.
~ It helps boost the blood circulation and maintains pH level of body fluids. Electrolytes present in coconut water fulfill the energy requirements of body in a far better manner than any other packaged drink; patients of diarrhea can benefit largely from the intake of this energy drink.
~ Intake of coconut water keeps a tab on weight gain and also helps control diabetes.

~ Presence of antioxidants in coconut water proves to be of great help in fighting off free radicals.
~ Coconut water is considered to be more beneficial than milk and orange juice. It doesn't contain fats and cholesterol - that are present in milk. Excess calories found in orange juice too are absent in coconut water.

~ It is observed that coconut water plays an important role in reducing the blood pressure in arteries.
~ It is also used to get rid of the swelling in hands and legs. Coconut water is especially useful for patients because it helps absorb drugs easily.

~ It is observed that coconut water proves to be useful in reducing acne. The cleansing and toning of skin can be brought about by applying coconut water on the face.
Coconut water is used by sportsmen while exercising, mountain biking, aerobics, etc. It is a natural drink without any added preservatives, its consumption doesn't lead to any side effects. This drink is loaded with minerals, vitamins, nutrients, sugars and natural fluids needed for nourishment of the body.
It is important to note that sugar content in natural coconut water is low and the drink is therefore, safe for diabetics. Coconut water is free of chemicals and is also safe for babies. Since this naturally available fluid has many benefits to offer, it is apt to call coconut water 'the fluid of life.'