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13 Awkward Situations Only a Vegetarian Can Relate To

Neha B Deshpande Mar 8, 2020
Being a vegetarian is no mean task, especially when you're surrounded by people who prefer a non-vegetarian diet. Nevertheless, eating food without being bugged by questions and ridicules is a struggle for most vegetarians. Here are such awkward situations and funny things that only vegetarians can relate to.

Did You Know?

India has the largest population of people who follow a vegetarian diet, which comprises dairy products. In fact, it is mandatory for all packaged products to be marked as 'veg' or 'non-veg', to make it easy for identification.
Vegetarians are often ridiculed by everyone around them. Of course, being one is not easy, especially if you belong to a nation where people who are consuming meat are more in numbers. When you make your decision to be a vegetarian, many will be shocked, rather aghast, to know that you're a vegetarian.
Be it a social function, a private date, or a family dinner, living with other meat-eating individuals is not easy, and vegetarians find themselves stuck in many awkward situations quite often. Yes, it is simply difficult for the counterparts to understand the plight of vegetarians, since they're in majority.
Yet, taking them with a pinch of salt, here are some hilarious situations and things that vegetarians can understand better. If you're one, you'll certainly relate to them so much better.

Things Vegetarians Hear All the Time!

On a road trip, you don't know what to do!

You're out on a road trip with your friends, and they're all excited about eating at a popular food joint, and you're feeling so left out and miserable about life.
While you struggle to find an eating joint that supports people like you, you've got to either bring your own food, or finally it is just alcohol or fruit juice that comes to your rescue.

A vegetarian's thoughts: My life is miserable!

So you survive on salad?

This should come in the list of 'FAQs About Vegetarians'. Moreover, the counterparts think that, all that vegetarians eat are leaves.
A vegetarian's thoughts: Yeah, simply because I am a vegetarian means I survive on grass! Seriously, a splendid job can be done even with veg food. Do you know there is plentiful of rich calorie veg food that can assist in gaining weight?

Would you still like some of this to taste? It's yum!

Some people are good at enticing others to eat yummy and high-calorie food.
Especially when a non-vegetarian is enjoying his food, he feels pity for you that you eat such 'bland' food. They'll try their level best to make you enjoy 'their' food.
A vegetarian's thoughts: Why can't some people enjoy their own food, and keep it with themselves? Why are they so hell-bent upon making our throats gulp that stuff down? No, our tongues are not so keen to taste that delicious meal of yours!

Oh come on, don't be so fussy. Food is food!

You always have grandma who loves celebrating festivals preparing her trademark meals with all enthusiasm.
And she believes that after her hard work, she must get a pat of appreciation. Hence, you're obliged not to be picky, and taste it, and not forget to sing her praises.

A vegetarian's thoughts: Sorry grandma, I can't do this.

You're on a date, with a non-vegetarian!

Well, this is seriously a awkward situation. You want to order veg food, and you keep hunting for it on the menu, and your date is clearly losing patience.
A vegetarian's thoughts: Okay, I know this is taking an eternity, but this place sucks!

When you order vegetarian food, and realize there is meat in it.

Leave the commoners, sometimes even the waiters and chefs do not understand what vegetarian food actually is.
You visit a foreign land that is not very veg-friendly, and manage to find some vegetarian food in some corner of the world. After the first bite, you realize it's not veg after all! (Worse still, you never realize it!)

A vegetarian's thoughts: Seriously, I've been eating this since for ever, and no one told me that it has meat in it!

Social invitations!

Any social invitation is a problem. You want to be polite, but you don't know what to do. You ponder whether you should bring your own food, or simply tell them your preferences.
Bringing your own food will seem rude, and telling them your preferences will also seem too picky. Damn, you're doomed for life! A barbecue, a Thanksgiving dinner, and worse, a business meeting lunch can give you goose bumps.

A vegetarian's thoughts: Why is it so difficult to be a vegetarian on this earth?

You don't mind me eating non-veg in front of you?

Some super-conscious people believe that you can't bear the sight of non-vegetarian food. Hence, they'll be over-kind and ask you this question, much to your dismay.
A vegetarian's thoughts: No, I am going to puke! Can we make things easy for all of us? You concentrate on your plate, and I concentrate on mine. And be done. And for the record, I don't care if you eat a dinosaur in front of me.

OMG! You're a vegetarian? Your body is sans proteins!

Some like to believe that you belong to a class of malnourished people, or those subjecting their bodies to torture simply to stay fit.
A vegetarian's thoughts: Seriously, there is a population out there who survive on vegetarian food. They're not undernourished, nor do they die. They stay perfectly healthy as you are. And FYI, there is lot of veg food that contains proteins. Also, there are many health benefits of being a vegetarian!

Sometimes you're left with no option but to eat a fruit

Okay, you had already informed your host beforehand that you eat only vegetarian food. At the party, all are enjoying their sumptuous meal, and you get a paltry offering of some leaves and fruits.

A vegetarian's thoughts: This is injustice!

Some people simply do not understand what vegetarian is!

Many people even consider fish and eggs to be vegetarian food.

A vegetarian's thoughts: No comments!

You're called to a dinner, and to your surprise, all you get is meaty food

Your boyfriend/girlfriend invites you to his/her home for dinner, and they serve meat on your platter, without thinking for a moment, and you don't know what to do next!

A vegetarian's thoughts: Didn't you tell them that I am a vegetarian?

So what, plants are living beings too. You're killing them for food

You're sure to get such free advice and blames on you, only because you're a vegetarian.

A vegetarian's thoughts: Sure plants are living beings too, I do not deny that. But even if I don't eat them, they will be dead listening to your philosophy.