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Amazing Health Benefits of Jackfruit

This tropical fruit is subtle sweet and has way more nutritional benefits.
Vinita Tahalramani
Jackfruit, a superfood packed with nutrients boasts of its protein power.
Fruit with anti-inflammatory properties. Thanks to the Vitamin C that helps reduce risk of chronic diseases.
Potassium in jackfruit is responsible for reducing the risk of heart attack and helps in lowering blood pressure.
Strong bones is what jackfruit claims with its magnesium content.
Loaded with copper, jackfruit is a promising fruit for the one suffering from thyroid.
High fibre is proportional to smooth bowel movements and so is jackfruit. So, if you or your dear one is constipated, jackfruit will help.
Promises healthy skin and hair growth with its vitamin A and vitamin C power.
Known to be a replacement to meat, jackfruit is a rich source of B vitamins, and hence best for vegan diet.
140 gms of jackfruit has
  • 10% magnesium
  • 7% Omega 3
  • 13% potassium
  • 6% fibre
Nutritional Value
  • 5% Vitamin A
  • 12% Vitamin B1
  • 35% Vitamin B6
  • 21% Vitamin C
  • 4% IronĀ 
  • 3% CalciumĀ 
Here's how you cut this brilliant vegan meat for your next nutritional meal.