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6 Ways to Maintain Your Diet at Work

Craig Middleton Dec 02, 2019
When you’re trying to lose weight, heading to work can be a minefield. From co-workers who want to head to restaurants for lunch to breakroom treats like donuts, birthday cake or vending machine snacks, your hunger pangs may be the start of a spiral that can derail your efforts to eat healthy and stick to your physical fitness goals.
Consider six tips that will help you sidestep temptations and stay on the path to a healthier lifestyle.

Eat Breakfast

In addition to the benefits of eating breakfast such as getting a boost in metabolism and increased energy, having a meal before you head into the office can also assist your effort to lose weight. If you don’t eat before work, you may feel famished well before lunch, leading you to head to the break room and eating the donuts your co-workers brought.

Avoid Temptation

When you’re working in a Los Angeles office space with a crew of friendly co-workers,  it’s easy to be swayed by your people who stop by with treats that they’d like to share with you. It may also be tempting to add a muffin onto your morning coffee order as you drive in to work. Steer clear by letting staff members know that you’re trying to be healthier.

Plan Ahead

If your co-workers often invite you to lunch, don’t deny the opportunity to socialize. Instead, plan ahead so the meal won’t undermine your diet. Before going out, study the menu of the restaurant so you can look at the calories of the items you might choose. This way, you won’t have to feel self-conscious or hold up the group when ordering.

Stay Hydrated

Occasionally, the sensation of hunger may be caused by mild dehydration. Instead of immediately heading to the office break room for a snack when you feel a pang in your stomach, consider drinking a glass of water first. After waiting 15 minutes after consuming it, see if you’re still in need of something to eat.

Stock Up on Snacks

When hunger strikes throughout the day, be prepared by keeping a stockpile of healthy treats in your office. Fill snack-sized bags with nuts, raw vegetables, dried fruit, boiled eggs, string cheese, trail mix, for instance. Having nutritious yet great-tasting items to nibble on will keep you satisfied and enable you to avoid vending machine snacks.

Be Realistic

Despite your best efforts, you may find yourself standing by the water cooler, gossiping with a co-worker and snacking on a donut or bag of chips from the lunch room. If this happens, realize it’s okay to fall off the healthy eating bandwagon time to time. The key is to allow yourself to enjoy the indulgence, but get back to your diet immediately.
Just because you’re slipped up, don’t allow the one-time event to turn into a complete “cheat day” that can derail your newfound habits. Understand that having a treat once every so often may actually help your diet in the long run because you’ll feel less deprived overall, which can prevent you from totally overindulging.
Be prepared for those moments that your stomach starts to rumble at the office. Anticipating the need to find sustenance throughout the work day will enable you to plan ahead – foresight that can prevent you from constantly reaching for a piece of cake or a bag of chips that can undermine your efforts to stick to a healthy diet.